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 Hire a .NET architect on a contract basis

When planning a large .NET project, it’s highly recommended to hire a .NET architect to make sure the architecture of your .NET solution will support your needs and goals at its best. Here on Onsiter, you can quickly find a .NET architect who will be able to join your organization and work on-site on designing the architecture for your .NET project. Moreover, most of the .NET architects are also experienced .NET developers and therefore able to cooperate professionally with your solution developers. Developers who deliver quality code cannot excel without a good architectural framework for your .NET project, so hiring a .NET architect on a contract basis will be a wise investment for your company.

The advantage of using a service dedicated to onsite IT projects

When looking for resources for a new IT project , Onsiter is the most suitable service if you are looking for a fast, cost-saving quality solution. Since the service has focus on projects that are delivered onsite at your premises, this is where you will find skilled .NET architects that can come and work at your company for the project period.

Flexibility and cost savings with independent .NET architects

Finding your .NET architect on Onsiter provides you with great flexibility and reduces costs without giving in on quality.

By allowing businesses to look for IT contractors to connect directly with IT specialists such as .NET architects , the costs for a manual matchmaking process is eliminated. Since all .Net architects that you find on Onsiter are offering their services on a contract basis, it is a 100% up to you to define the length of the project and the workload during the project period; hence, you only pay for actual working hours.

Many companies also opt for an external .NET architect because they want a resource who can provide insights and learnings gained at other companies and bring value to the project from day one.

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