Senior Frontend Developer Stockholm, Sweden

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Senior Frontend Developer

Stockholm, Sweden

Modersmål English, Flytande Svenska

  • React
  • JavaScript/TypeScript
  • Node.js

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Ruby on Rails


Experienced full-stack web developer with a passion for identifying, understanding and solving complex problems with quality
software solutions. My passion for people and collaboration helps me to engage with those around me and work together on
delivering business value whilst strong technical competences enable me to work independently when required. Having worked
within healthcare, e-commerce and fintech I have a breadth of knowledge and experience to draw from and always keen to dive in
to new areas and challenges.

Professionell bakgrund

Zettle by PayPal

2022-01 - 2023-01

Backoffice platform The "backoffice" is a customer-facing web application where users manage their businesses. In the backoffice platform team we take overall ownership for the application in terms of architecture and technologies as well as owning certain pages/features.
Additionally, we handle cross-team components such as localisation, tracking, deployment and developer experience.
Whilst we spend a lot of time supporting teams, we also focus on broader initiatives such as migrating from an old monolithic architecture to micro frontends, unifying PayPal and Zettle experiences and providing localisation tools for the company. In addition, we put a lot of emphasis on knowledge sharing and technical leadership through presentations and documentation.
Key technologies: Typescript (React.js, Node.js, Jest, react-testing-library), GraphQL (Apollo, urql), Webpack, AWS, Heroku, SystemJS, Styled Components, CI/CD (GitHub Actions, CircleCI). Monorepos
Zettle by PayPal

2020-01 - 2022-01

E-Commerce team (Integrations) Moving away from Zettle's own e-commerce product, the stategy switched to building ecommerce integrations with companies such as Shopify, BigCommerce and WooCommerce instead. My role focussed on providing users with a seamless experience setting up and managing these integrations.
During this time, I spent 9 months working with the data team to interview, mentor and teach a web intern throughout a project building a data catalogue for the company.
Additional responsibilities include interviewing candidates, onboarding colleagues, mentoring, taking part in on-call groups and other wider tech team responsibilities.
Key technologies: Typescript (React.js, Redux, Jest), Next.js, GraphQL (Apollo), Styled Components, Storybook, Heroku, CI/CD (CircleCI), Ruby on Rails

2018-01 - 2020-01

iZettle - E-commerce team I joined iZettle just after the release of their white-labeled e-commerce solution, allowing users to start selling online from the click of a button. One of our responsibiities was product management so I worked heavily on making it easy for users to create and manage products and inventory. This involved rebuilding our product list with graphql and working on other features such as collections and discounts.
During 2020, I also led the web development of a COVID initiative, helping connect our merchants with their customers in what was a very tough time for these businesses.
Working together we managed to release a new product to 4 markets in a matter of weeks.
Key technologies: JavaScript/TypeScript (React.js, Redux, Jest), Ramda, RxJS, Next.js, GraphQL (Apollo), Styled Components, Storybook, Heroku, CI/CD (CircleCI), Ruby on Rails TECHNICAL COMPETENCE JavaScript & Typescript React.js, Node.js, Next.js CSS (SCSS, Styled Components) HTML (JSX, Handlebars, EJS) APIs (REST, GraphQL) Project setup (Bundling, linting) Webpack & Parcel, ESLint npm, yarn, pnpm Testing (TDD, Jest, Enzyme, React Testing Library) Storybook & Chromatic Logging & alerting (Sentry, Splunk, Opsgenie) Docker SQL CI/CD (CircelCI, GitHub Actions, Concourse) AWS (S3, CloudFront), Heroku, Azure Certified ScrumMaster - ScrumAlliance Version control, git

Akademisk bakgrund

Mayden Academy
Mayden Academy

2023-01 - 2016-01

Bachelor of Engineering
Newcastle University

2023-01 - 2015-01


Certified Scrum Master, ScrumAlliance
Certified Scrum Master
Certified ScrumMaster

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