Finding highly talented IT consultants is one of the most significant problems companies face today. Onsiter is a service dedicated to making it easy and fast to find the IT resources you need near you. Even though our platform is intuitive, you might still have a question, or maybe you would just like some clarification. Therefore, we have collected and answered some of the most frequently asked questions that can occur if you consider using or are already using Onsiter.

How is Onsiter different from other freelance marketplaces?

Onsiter offers local IT consulting services by connecting consultants with companies that require additional onsite expertise for their IT projects. Remote work can be agreed upon, but we strongly advocate onsite workforce because research shows that contractors working onsite get a greater understanding of the company and its challenges and are thereby better equipped for taking on the project. Compared to other freelance marketplaces that cover everything from remote to onsite, and from copywriting to development, Onsiter is a niche service mainly focusing on experienced IT and Business consultants that can start adding value from day one and work onsite at the customer’s premises. If this is what you are looking for or offering, you will benefit from a more professional service that is not blurred by irrelevant prospects and candidates.

Who will be my contract partner when I use Onsiter?

When a buyer and an IT expert decide to work together, Onsiter will automatically draft a contract. The contract always includes three parties: The IT consultant, the company hiring and Onsiter. In that way, we act as a link between parties to maintain transparency throughout the whole project.

How are invoices handled?

At the end of each month, the IT consultant issues a timesheet for the project. Once accepted by the end-customer, Onsiter will automatically issue an invoice to the end-customer with Net 35 terms, which indicates that full payment is expected within 35 days. As soon as the end-customer has paid the invoice to Onsiter, Onsiter pays the IT consultant.

I couldn't find an answer to my question, who should I contact?

We are committed to finding the answers you need as quickly as possible. Please tell us what you need help with by contacting us via support@onsiter.com.