Tekninen Arkkitehti & Full Stack Dev Kouvola, Suomi

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Tekninen Arkkitehti & Full Stack Dev

Kouvola, Suomi

Äidinkieli Finnish, English

  • Azure
  • .NET C# VB

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As a TechnicalArchitect with proven skills as an Azure
developer and experience in managing microservices
with Kubernetes, Ibring a wealth of expertise to any
team seeking to develop innovative solutions. With my
AZ-204 certification, I have demonstrated my
proficiency in designing, developing, and deploying
Azure solutions.

With a background in both electronics and software
development, Ihave the technicalknowledge and
experience to design and implement solutions for IoT
and embedded devices. My deep understanding of
DevOps principles and experience in automated
processes enables me to approach complex challenges
with ease. Ihave experience managing microservices
with Kubernetes, which makes me capable of building
and deploying scalable and reliable cloud-native

In addition to my technical proficiency, I have a proven
track record of leadership and collaboration as a Lead
Developer and Architect. My ability to effectively
communicate with stakeholders and translate business
requirements into technicalsolutions makes me a best
choice for Azure .NET IoT projects.

Overall, my technicalexpertise, leadership abilities, and
commitment to staying current with the latest
technologies and best practices make me a valuable
team member. I am confident that my skills and
experience would be a significant asset to any
organization in need of a skilled and experienced
Technical Architect.


Technical Architect & Full-stack developer
Punos Mobile Oy

2024-06 - Nykyhetki

Punos Mobile delivers challenging mobile and web development projects to our customers in Finland: https://www.punosmobil e.com/en/ Selected list of projects: ● Interactive security platform, web, and mobile app Features and bug fixes for the application.
FullStack Developer

2023-01 - 2023-03

Techniques used: TypeScript, Firebase, NodeJS, React, GitHub Actions, AWS, PostgreSQL Tools used: Visual Studio Code, Git, AWS, PgAdmin
Integ ration Architect
Digia Oyj

2022-10 - 2022-12

Designing and implementing integration solutions connected to various systems and platforms extensively with Microsoft Azure and Dynamics 365. Those were used to create different integration projects, including data integrations, process integrations, and system-to-system integrations. These projects resulted in cost savings, improved efficiency, and increased revenue for the organization and clients.
Techniques used: Microsoft Azure, Azure AD, Azure functions, Logic apps, Azure pipelines, Dynamics 365, OData, Power BI, PowerShell, ARM templates Tools used: Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, SVN, Azure DevOps, SSMS, Teams, Sharepoint
Lemonsoft Oyj

2021-05 - 2022-10

Timekeeping device software for Android and iOS Design and develop multi-platform timekeeping software for various purposes based on the settings of our customer organizations. Design included highly optimized and minimal data usage and complete remote control of software functionalities.
Software Architect & System developer

2022-02 - 2022-09

Techniques used: NativeScript, TypeScript, Angular, C#, Couchbase, WCF, REST, GraphQL, MQTT Tools used: Visual Studio, SVN, Azure DevOps, SSMS ● Sing le-Sig n-On Authentication integ rations Product integrations and tailored Single-Sign-On integrations against cloud providers and on-premise instances.
Software Architect & System developer

2021-05 - 2022-01

Techniques used: Azure AD, SAML, GCP, C#, VB, SQL, IIS, Windows servers, REST Tools used: Visual Studio, SVN, Azure DevOps, SSMS ● System integ rations Various system integrations between internaland externalsystems and organizations.
Integration developer

2020-08 - 2021-10

Techniques used: C#, VB, SQL, IIS, GraphQL, REST, SOAP, MQTT, JSON, SFTP, CRON, Task Scheduler Tools used: Visual Studio, SVN, SSMS
Information technolog y technician
Aacon Oy

2015-07 - 2021-05

SysAdmin on various internal Microsoft Windows servers and services.
Responsibilities for managing the SLA levelof service production and maintaining the internet facing server farm including ensurement that allservers, databases and services were running efficiently and cost effectively.
Project period: 5/2020 - 5/2021 Role in project: SysAdmin Tools used: SSMS, Site24x7, Node-RED, Remote desktop, Prometheus, MSSQL Server, SQL, Famoco MDM, WMware ● System developer Developing and maintaining business criticalonline solutions. System developer, integrator, database sysadmin, platform integrator. Single-Sign-on integrations against cloud providers and on-premise instances.
System developer

2015-07 - 2021-05

Techniques used: .NET, C#, VB, SQL, IIS, REST, SOAP, JSON, SFTP, CRON, Task Scheduler Tools used: Visual Studio, SVN, SSMS ● Hardware and device software coordinator Technical advisor of buying B2B hardware and contracting with manufacturers.
Mobile programming and backend development. Customer technicalsupport.
Procurement Specialist and TechnicalSupport Specialist

2015-07 - 2021-05

Founder, CEO

2015-12 - 2020-07

Microbiology, Beekeeping, web hosting and designing. Solutions provider for small companies, organizations and individuals.
Techniques used: C#, VB, PHP, SQL, IIS, REST, WordPress, Joomla, Orchard, Windows
Founder, CEO

2014-10 - 2017-12

Technicalsupport, consultation, and data recovery for electronic and opticaldevices.
Responsible for repairing and maintaining the devices, as wellas diagnosing and resolving issues. Offers guidance and support to customers on the use and care of the devices. Skilled in data recovery techniques and able to assist with the retrieval of lost or damaged data.
Mobile and Web developer and SysAdmin
AitoHandheld Oy

2014-12 - 2015-07

Development of CMS and smallprojects for customers. Design and developing mobile applications for data collection with rugged handheld devices.
● Service technician and customer support Repairing electronics and customer support. Hardware advisor helping to select devices for long term usage in the field.
Mobile and Web developer and SysAdmin
Hand Held Systems Oy

2003-12 - 2014-07

Development of CMS and smallprojects for customers. Mobile applications for rugged professional devices.
● Service technician and customer support Repairing electronics and customer support. Component levelrepairing. Faulty analysis. Negotiations with device manufacturers. Shipment logistics contracts.


Treasurer of the road maintenance association Feb 2015 - Dec 2020
Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate
member of the road management board
Microsoft Certified

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