Kokenut Unity-kehittäjä Vantaa, Finland

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(Updated 2021-09-26)

Kokenut Unity-kehittäjä

Vantaa, Finland

Native Finnish, Intermediate English

  • 5-vuotta kokemusta Unity-kehityksestä
  • 5-vuotta kokemusta C#-kehityksestä
  • 8-vuotta kokemusta C-kehityksestä

Skills (25)



Unity 3D





680x0 ASM




Level Editor









Nintendo DS






Former game programmer who has also programmed a
Gameboy emulator, a macro assembler and other tools,
editors and utilities and non-game apps like two 3D
maps. Now making 2D/3D apps using Unity 3D and C#.

I've used ANSI C89, C# and Unity 3D in my recent

Professional Experience

Hobbyist programmer

1991-06 - Present

Role: Hobbyist programmer

Responsibilities: For Amiga: software 3D renderers
and intros and demos, a Gameboy emulator ("Wzonka- Lad"), simple puzzle games, etc., all in 680x0 ASM. For
Linux: tools, a multiplatform macro assembler ("WLA DX"), Rumor Engine - an adaptive AI based on rumors,
etc. For Nintendo DS: a multiplayer aeroplane game
("Explosion of an Aeroplane"), RFC-1951 data
compressor/decompressor, in C & ARM ASM. For PSP: a
3D Tetris clone, in C. I've also made small programming
gigs to Init Lab/HUT, Rovio Mobile Ltd., Red Lynx and Casual Continent Ltd.


Senior Software Engineer
Softability Oy

2019-05 - Present

Responsibilities: 6 months in a customer project
related to self driving car software, Unity 3D and C#.
Programmed various 3D AR/VR/MR (iOS, Android, HoloLens 1 & 2, Oculus Quest 1 & 2) applications for various industrial customers (and internal showcases)
using Unity 3D + JavaScript.

Game designer and programmer
Chiller Soft

2015-09 - 2017-04

Responsibilities: Design and programming of "Candles of the Dead" (a game, Unity 3D, iOS + Android).
Contract work to Cool Surf Club Oy, programming of Catmania (social networking app, Unity 3D, iOS + Android).

Lead programmer
Lightneer Inc

2015-09 - 2015-11

Responsibilities: Programming two prototypes of the startup's first eLearning game, "Big Bang" (Unity 3D, iOS).

Game designer, level designer, programmer and CEO
ttursas Ltd

2009-02 - 2014-09

Responsibilities: I made 8 iOS (C/C++/OpenGL) and
35+ Flash (ActionScript 3) 2D physics games with my
friend Jyri Luukkonen who took care of audio, some
graphics and some design. For some games I wrote an
in-game level editor and a level sharing system using
PHP + MySQL. Later (re)coded Perfect Balance
Collection, Imperfect Balance Collection and Wizard of Blox Collection using Unity and C#.
CV |

Game designer and programmer
Kanki Bros OÜ

2013-01 - 2013-08

Responsibilities: Programmed and designed a cross
platform multiplayer 2.5D dogfight game with level
editor and level sharing (Unity 3D, iOS + Android + Win32 + macOS + Linux + Ouya) "Multispace". Had
briefly a mobile games company in Estonia with my
friend Markus Eräpolku.

Senior game programmer
Virtual Air Guitar Company Oy

2008-03 - 2010-09

Responsibilities: Worked on a C# .NET level editor for an unpublished title (Air guitar game) and on a
Playstation 3 game called "Kung-Fu Live" (Gamebryo, C++). Wrote a multithreaded task scheduler, lots of
(ASM) Cell SPU and PPU Altivec optimizations, graphics
rendering optimizations, etc.

Senior game programmer
Rovio Mobile Ltd

2006-08 - 2008-02

Responsibilities: Lead programmer in J2ME games
"Darkest Fear 2 & 3", and "Need for Speed: Carbon 2D",
plus lead programmer in one Nintendo DS + Win32 + Linux + J2ME game called "Totomi". Maintainer of code
pool for the programmers, helping hand / prototype / engine programmer in five other projects. Briefly used
JSR-184, C# and C++.

Game programmer
Rovio Mobile Ltd

2005-04 - 2006-08

Responsibilities: Lead programmer in J2ME games
"War Diary: Burma" and "War Diary: Crusader", wrote
the optimized 2D backbuffer tile drawing engine that
almost every 2D/2.5D Rovio J2ME game used later. Also
wrote a trigger system, and A* AI that were used in many games as well.
CV |

Lead programmer
TKK / Helsinki University of Technology

2004-03 - 2005-03

Responsibilities: Lead programmer in Init Lab's EU
project "m-LOMA" where I programmed e.g. a
distributed PVS calculator, and a server and a 3D map
viewer client (OpenGL, OpenGL ES 1, SDL). Clients for Win32 + Linux + OSX + WinCE could be compiled from the same C source tree.

Research assistant
TKK / Helsinki University of Technology

2003-06 - 2004-02

Responsibilities: Lead programmer in Init Lab's EU
project "Tellmaris". Programmed e.g. a 2D/3D map data
preprocessor (tessellation ), and a 3D map viewer
client with support for GPS. OpenGL, OpenGL ES 1,
SDL. The client could be compiled for Linux + Win32 + WinCE from the same C source tree.

Part time programmer
Napa Oy

2002-06 - 2003-07

Responsibilities: OpenGL, ODBC, C, Fortran77, Perl.
For example, ported the company's CAD software to Linux from Solaris.

Technical assistant
TKK / Helsinki University of Technology

2000-12 - 2002-05

Responsibilities: Part time job while studying.
Computer sysadmin tasks, and PHP/MySQL

Part time programmer
Napa Oy

1999-06 - 2001-02

Responsibilities: Part time programming job while
studying. OpenGL and VRML, C.
CV |

Part time programmer
Napa Oy

1998-06 - 1999-05

Responsibilities: Mostly bug fixing in a project where the client was Finnish Defence Forces, C.

Academic Background

MSc. (tech)

1996-01 - 2003-01


PADI Master Scuba Diver


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