Decision data scientist Helsinki, Finland

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(Updated 2022-06-15)

Decision data scientist

Helsinki, Finland

Native Finnish, English

  • Datatuotteiden suunnittelu
  • Tilastolliset mallit ja koneoppiminen
  • Data-analyysi

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Data Analysis




Business Intelligence


Professional Experience

Data scientist

2020-11 - 2022-06

HappySignals makes a SaaS product for collecting feedback to be used in IT Experience Management. They needed a data professional to take ownership of the R&D needs of the product, and to answer day to day questions about their clients' collected data. I was responsible for suggesting and supporting the design of new data features, producing reports both internally and externally, and improving the reliability of the collected data.
During my stay I designed and implemented a solution for creating and automatically updating the demanded reports, which also lets account managers find the numbers they need on their own, turning them into BI analysts. I also trained a custom model to make NPS scores coming from different countries comparable, despite different cultural base rates.
Tech: Azure, Databricks, PowerBI, Python, R

Data Engineer
Univ. Helsinki, Digital Geography lab

2020-07 - 2020-08

(Pro bono) The research team wanted to collect all the Tweets that were geotagged to Finland. I wrote the original solution that the team later published at Tech: Python, Docker, PostgreSQL, PostGIS

Senior data scientist
Nightingale Health

2019-09 - 2020-06

Nightingale Health's core tech is a ML model that maps the NMR spectrum of a blood sample to biomarker concentrations. Its development is subjected to a strict Quality Management System, and the results are also validated against external laboratories. As part of the data science team I specialized in understanding that aspect of it. I was e.g. charged with coming up with an auditable way to show when the model had changed only insignificantly and the costly validation process could be skipped.

R, Airflow, Docker, PostgreSQL

Senior data scientist
Houston Analytics

2018-09 - 2019-09

IIoT project, 9/2018-7/2019 This project aimed to create a system for anomaly detection for predictive maintenance purposes, as well as reduce alert fatigue due to an overwhelming amount of signals already present. I was mainly responsible for understanding the processes the data described, and developing the anomaly detection model.
Tech: R, PostgreSQL, Power BI 


Sales forecast in FMCG, 3/2019-6/2019 A major fast-moving consumer goods manufacturer wanted a sales forecast in a foreign market in order to inform their strategic decisions there in the next few years. I was responsible for defining and fitting the model.

Tech: SPSS Modeler

In addition to various projects, I was responsible together with another senior colleague for the competence building of my more junior colleagues in biweekly workshops, on e.g. software development practices.

Senior application specialist
CSC - IT Center for science

2015-01 - 2018-08

CSC is a non-profit state enterprise with special tasks. I was the maintainer of distributed R on the supercluster, and the customer support for its use both from the technical and the data science point of view. I was also a teacher of data skills to customers and colleagues (courses, book seminars, consulting, supervision of trainees), and a facilitator between customers and developers, particularly for the then emerging field of computational social science.

Senior researcher
research institute METLA

2008-09 - 2014-12

Finnish forest research institute METLA I took part and supported the forest researchers in all phases of their research projects (planning, data analysis, publishing), as well as in official duties such as National Forest Inventory and drafting of legislation. I also trained colleagues in data analysis and statistics as a member of a method specialist team spanning multiple institutes.

Academic Background

PhD in statistics
Jyväskylän yliopisto

2003-03 - 2007-12

MSc in statistics
Jyväskylän yliopisto

1998-09 - 2003-03



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