SEO Specialist Nivå, Danmark

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(Updated 2021-10-28)

SEO Specialist

Nivå, Danmark

Native Danish, Fluent English

  • 20+ years experience in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • 10+ years experience in Social Media Advertising B2B & B2C
  • 20+ years experience in E-Commerce Conversion Rate Optimization

Skills (30)

Google Analytics







SEO Search Engine Optimization


Marketing Technology










Business Intelligence


Google Ads



Google AdWords



User Testing




I am a seasoned data-driven, Danish Digital Award-winning marketer, and an active member of  the Digital Analytics Association (DAA) as well as the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA)

I have specialised in optimising the customer journey from Google to Checkout, covering disciplines such as SEO, Content Marketing, and Conversion Optimisation.

I have twenty years of experience in digital marketing, tourism marketing, eCommerce optimisation, and Growth Hacking.

My work, and results, has been featured in several Danish media outlets, like these from my work in Destination Marketing:

• Topplacering til Sjællands Vestkyst
• Sjællands vestkyst er et klik-hit
• Vestsjælland gik viralt – nu eksploderer antallet af turister (
• Prognose: Ny turistrekord
• Turisme-fremgang over lands-gennemsnit

During my career, I have:
• Met the 2021 growth goals for online revenue already in February 2019
• Hired, trained, and managed a team dedicated digital marketing
• Won the Silver Award at the Danish Digital Awards with the ’The World’s Most Relaxing Film.’
• Developed and executed content strategies for both B2B and B2C markets
• Increased traffic to with more than 400 %
• Improved the conversion rate for online sales with +192 %
• Lowered the OTAs share of online hotel bookings with -37 %

Pi Datametrics (agency Partner), SearchMetrics, Conductor Searchlight (Agency Partner), SEMrush (Agency Partner), MailChimp, Microsoft Power BI, SEO Powersuite, Screaming Frog, Raven, DeepCrawl (Agency Partner), Facebook Business Manager, Google Data Studio, Cyfe, (Agency Partner), Fivetran (Agency Partner), Amplitude

Professional Experience

Growth Manager
Kurhotel Skodsborg

2018-01 - 2021-05

SEO, Content Marketing, Conversion Optimisation, Web and data analytics, Digital Business Development, Content Optimisation, Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis, Content Gap Analysis, On-page Recommendations, Google Answer Box Optimisation, Conversion Strategy

● Met online growth goals for 2020 in February 2019
● Increased website revenue from Organic traffic by +3.372 % from 2017 to 2019
● Generated 128 % faster growth than our closest competitor
● Raised the SEO Visibility Score by +275 % all while the hotel industry saw an avg. 37,78 % decrease in Visibility

● Organic lead and demand generation, developing new products and packages
● Identify new SEO growth opportunities via content gap analysis, keyword opportunities, competitive audits
● Develop hypotheses and build and execute A/B or multivariate tests according to the optimization strategy
● SEO strategy and KPI tracking for multilingual websites to attract non-paid traffic & improve visibility
● Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) including Heatmaps, A/B and MVT to innovate online booking effectiveness and boost user engagement and customer experience (CX)
● Manage SEO initiatives, including site-architecture, keyword research, on-page optimization and content optimization
● Content marketing focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience -- and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action
● Reporting, data analysis & benchmarking (in tools as DeepCrawl, SEMrush, Ahrefs, Screaming Frog, SearchMetrics, Google Analytics, Google Search Console)

Member of the Digital Marketers Organizations
Keynote Speaker

2020-01 - Present

speaker team delivering keynote speaks on SEO, Conversion
Optimization, Digital Hospitality & Tourism Marketing, Growth Hacking, and Web Analytics

SEO Tester
Internet Marketing Gold

2020-01 - Present

I am part of a team testing SEO theories and hypothesis' using scientific and evidence-based methods

Optimisation Consultant (SEO, CRO, CM)
2nd Persona I/S

2019-01 - Present

A freelance agency by my wife and I. We offer Search Engine Optimisation, Content Optimisation, and Conversion
Optimisation for SME clients mainly in the Meditech, Welfaretech, and the hospitality industries.
Danish and Nordic Sales and Marketing partner for a selected group of SaaS and Enterprise SEO platform providers

● Perform audits of clients' web analytics implementations and make recommendations to ensure accurate
tracking is in place

● Identify new conversion opportunities and translate them into A/B and MVT test ideas that help clients
meet their business objectives
● Analysing the client's competitors, conduct Keyword Research, Technical SEO analysis, and Onsite-optimisation to maximizing search exposure
● Close cooperation with client stakeholders to influence their business outcomes and positive satisfaction
● Conversion Rate Optimisation & A/B Testing (qualitative & quantitative research: surveys, user testing, web analytics, heatmap & user recording analysis, UX audit)

SEO Researcher
SEO Pro News

2020-01 - Present

SEO Pro News is a new SEO outlet offering an honest, data-driven, and evidence-based alternative to the established SEO News outlet.

Optimisation Manager, SEO, CRO, CM
ITAM Channel & ITAM Org

2020-01 - Present

ITAM Channel is part of ITAMOrg, an international membership organisation for ITAM Professionals.

I support the ITAM organisation with SEO, Content Marketing, Link building, outreach, Web analytics, Conversion
Optimisation, Digital Business Development

Digital Marketing Manager
VisitVestsjælland A/S / Sjællands Vestkyst

2015-01 - 2018-01

Promoted twice. Originally employed as an Online Marketing Specialist, then promoted to Online Manager. In 2016,
I was promoted to Digital Marketing Manager.

● Multilanguage content marketing and SEO strategies developed and implemented for the Business and Leisure segments
● Increase website traffic with +500 % national traffic and +1.000 % foreign traffic
● Maintain a position as the most visited tourism website outside of Copenhagen, outperforming Aarhus In
spite of them being European Capital of Culture in 2017
● 5 % Increase in overnight stays in the destination by 5 % in my first year
● 7,4 % increase in overnight stays in the destination by 7,4 % in my second year
(in comparison, the average national growth in overnight stays was 1,6 % YoY)

● Strategic and tactical responsibility for all digital marketing activities
● Team and project management (partners, agencies, and suppliers)
● Representation of VisitVestsjælland A/S in various industry networks and co-operations
● Advisor and sounding board to VisitVestsjælland's partners
● Education and supervision of staff and partners in digital marketing, e.g. SEO/SEM, content marketing,
● Use an iterative approach to optimization, continuously taking test results and new data into account in formulating tests and hypotheses.
● Maximizing the volume of organic traffic, and increase ticket sales, online bookings, and ROI

Expert Member
Digital Tourism Think Tank

2016-01 - 2017-01

Member of the Think Tank's Expert Panel on digital tourism marketing.
I contribute with my expertise in data-driven marketing, conversion optimization, and search engine optimisation.

e-commerce and/or SEO Consultant
Various companies

1999-01 - 2013-01

Different positions and freelance projects within e-commerce optimization and development, SEO, and online
marketing in general for SME companies, SaaS companies, B2B and B2C e-commerce providers in Denmark, North
Germany and Scandinavia.

External Consultant
University of Copenhagen

2013-01 - 2013-01

External consultant on a scientific research project documenting which rhetorical means that make a person
choose one search result over another in Google SERPs. I contributed with general knowledge of search engines,
best practise construction of meta tags, and execution of search engine optimisation.

Academic Background

Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing
Digital Leadership Henley Business School

2022-08 - 2022-08

Marketing Analytics University of Virginia

2022-08 - 2022-08

New Companies University of Maryland

2022-08 - 2022-08


Chartered Institute of Marketing
Certified Growth Hacker Eazl

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