System Developer Goteborg, Sweden

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(Updated 2024-02-26)

System Developer

Goteborg, Sweden

Native Svenska, Fluent English

  • 3.5 års erfarenhet av utveckling och administration i Microsoft 365.
  • 4 års erfarenhet av utveckling i React.js, Typescript, Javascript.
  • 4 års erfarenhet av olika typer teknisk support.

Skills (38)


Microsoft Framework (spfx)



visual studio code







Microsoft Teams







Microsoft SharePoint





















Malin is a skilled front-end developer with four years of experience in system development and
technical support. Driven by her enthusiasm for working with people, she naturally gravitates
towards roles that involve support aspects, relishing the opportunity to mentor, assist and
collaborate with team members and clients.

Her passion lies in problem-solving and design, aiming to deliver user-friendly and aesthetically
pleasing projects. She takes pleasure in addressing intricate tasks with precision and attention to
detail, consistently aiming to deliver high-quality results.

Professional Experience

Technical Support & Quality Assurance - E-commerce

2023-09 - 2023-09

Malin served as a 2nd Line Support within a dynamic E-commerce Maintenance & Development team. Collaborating closely with Developers and Business Analysts, the team collectively oversaw the upkeep and improvement of the e-commerce platform. In this capacity, Malin undertook several responsibilities, which included: ● Maintaining close communication with both the developer team and 1st Line Support.
Resolving 2nd support tickets originating from 1st Line Support through Jira.
● Facilitating the transfer of tickets and engaging the team's developers as needed.
● Contributing to and crafting technical documentation to ensure comprehensive and upto-date records.
This role required hands-on engagement with a diverse range of applications and associated software throughout the entire e-commerce platform. Furthermore, it demanded a thorough understanding of the architecture and the end-to-end process flow within the comprehensive solution.
E-Commerce, Jira, SAP Hybris, SAP SmartEdit, SAP ERP, Solr, Kibana, Celum, Technical Documentation in Confluence, Error handling, Problem solving, Trouble Shooting, 2nd line support,
System Developer/Frontend Developer
Stena Fastigheter

2021-02 - 2023-09

Malin served as a System Developer, working both in periods with a small but cohesive team of developers and at times as the sole developer in her assignment for Stena Fastigheter. Her primary focus centered on projects within the Microsoft 365 environment for Stena Fastigheter.
Her varied responsibilities included: ● Creating SharePoint web parts and extensions using the SharePoint Workframe SPFx.
● Developing, managing, and providing support and training in Stena's SharePoint environments/intranet for end-users.
● Acting as support for completed projects, involving tasks such as maintenance, troubleshooting, conducting workshops and serving as the main point of contact for the end users.
● Administering Azure Active Directory and the Sharepoint admin center.
● Creating and maintaining Power Automate flows and Power Apps.
In this role, a comprehensive understanding of both Microsoft environments and the client's specific architecture within Microsoft was essential.
TypeScript, Javascript, React JS, Redux, HTML 5, CSS, C#, Microsoft Graph Api, Fluent Ui, PnP Js, PnP Core, Azure AD, Power Automate, Power Apps, Sharepoint, Sharepoint Framework (SPFx), Azure AD, Git, Postman, Devops, Debugging, Testing, Agile, 2nd and 3rd line support
Frontend Developer & Administrator

2021-02 - 2023-01

At Exsolve, Malin served as an administrator overseeing their internal Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and Azure AD. Her responsibilities included maintaining the intranet, managing access permissions, and overseeing users and groups, aong with handling app registrations.
Simultaneously, she actively contributed to Exsolve's internal projects, involving the creation of their API, SharePoint extensions and web parts, and participation in the Power Platform.
TypeScript, Javascript, React JS, HTML 5, CSS, SASS, Fluent Ui, Azure AD, Sharepoint Framework (SPFx), Sharepoint, Sharepoint Admin Centre, Microsoft Teams, Power Automate, Power Apps, Power BI, Redux, C#, Microsoft Graph Api, PnP Js, PnP Core, Git, Postman, Devops
System Developer/Frontend Developer
Stena Line

2022-01 - 2023-01

Malin and her team of two other developers were tasked with creating a website for Stena Line, providing access for all Stena's employees to their new app accounts. While most cases were automated, certain situations required admin intervention for activation. The team built the admin page for handling these cases and, after completing the project, took on roles as administrators for the program. This involved activating users manually and maintaining and providing ongoing support for the application.
TypeScript, Javascript, React JS, Redux, HTML 5, SCSS, C#, Microsoft Graph Api, Fluent Ui, PnP Js, PnP Core, Azure AD, Git, Postman, Devops, Debugging, Testing, Agile, Conducting Workshops, 2nd and 3rd line support
System Developer
Stena RORO

2022-07 - 2022-11

Malin was assigned the task of constructing a new version of an internal SharePoint web part intended for use outside of SharePoint in Stena Roro's app. Additionally, she was tasked with modernizing the design of the component. The component's purpose was to aggregate news, incidents, and other relevant information from Stena Roro's Sharepoint and present them in a user-friendly manner.
TypeScript, React JS, SASS, Microsoft Graph Api, Fluent Ui, Azure AD, Sharepoint, Azure AD, Git, Devops, Debugging, Testing
Fullstack developer
Campus Mölndal, Fullstack

2020-01 - 2020-01

As a wrap-up for the program, Malin took on an individual project with the goal of connecting people who share similar gaming interests. The website she created allows users to create accounts, edit their profiles, connect with others who play the same games, and chat with them.
Built using React JS, hooked up to the Firebase Database, and deployed and hosted on Firebase, Malin handled every aspect of the project, from planning, coding, and designing the website to testing, debugging, deploying, and demonstrating the final product.
React, Node, Firebase, CSS, Git, Debugging, Testing, Rest API Competencies Project & Data Management Level Scrum Skilled Kanban Skilled Agile development Skilled CI/CD Skilled DevOps Skilled Test driven development Intermediate Development languages Level TypeScript Expert JavaScript Expert CSS Skilled SASS Skilled HTML Skilled C# Intermediate Java Intermediate SQL Intermediate NoSQL Intermediate Frameworks / Libraries Level React JS Expert Sharepoint Framework (SPFx) Expert NodeJS Skilled Github Copilot Skilled Bootstrap Skilled FluentUi Skilled MaterialUi Intermediate Redux Intermediate JQuery Intermediate Express Intermediate APS.NET Core Intermediate JavaFX Basic Platforms Level Git Skilled Azure AD Skilled Microsoft Graph Skilled PNP JS Skilled Azure DevOps Skilled Visual Studio Code Skilled Power Automate Skilled Power Apps Intermediate Power BI Intermediate IntelliJ Intermediate Jira Intermediate Postman Intermediate GitHub Intermediate SAP Hybris Intermediate SAP Smartedit Intermediate Celum Intermediate Confluence Intermediate Kibana Intermediate Solr Basic Celonis EMS Basic Databases Level Azure MySQL Intermediate Firebase NoSQL Intermediate Azure Blob Intermediate MongoDB Basic
Technical Support
Releasy Management

2018-05 - 2019-08

At Releasy, Malin served as a 1st Line Support representative for Telia, providing support via phone, chat, and email channels. Initially focusing on fiber support, Malin expanded her expertise over time to include copper, mobile services, national networks, and international invoices. This role demanded a profound understanding of Telia's extensive range of products and services, as well as a comprehensive grasp of the underlying technology. Not least, this position required close customer interaction, emphasizing the need for effective communication.
1stline support, Trouble Shooting, Problem Solving, Fiber, Copper, Mobile Services, Invoice handling, Projects

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