Sr DevOps Engineer Stockholms län, Sweden

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(Updated 2023-11-21)

Sr DevOps Engineer

Stockholms län, Sweden

Native Svenska, Fluent English

  • 10+ years of experience in Containers, IaC and DevOps
  • 20+ years of experience in Linux & supporting developers
  • CI/CD Expert

Skills (31)





Dev ops





System Administration



Autonomous Vehicles


Azure DevOps










AWS Fargate




Serverless Architecture

Lambda Services


Professional Experience

Linux/DevOps Engineer

2023-09 - Present

Maintain all supporting systems and pipelines for Java Containers in XAP in Open Stack.
● Orchestrated Java Containers in XAP, ensuring continuous availability ● Automated infrastructure processes with Ansible, resulting in increased reliability ● Managed GitLab repositories and Jenkins automation, enhancing operational efficiency
DevOps Engineer

2023-01 - 2023-09

Migrate from Jenkins to Azure DevOps & containerize a standalone Java Spring Boot app for OpenShift.
● Configured complex Helm charts for Prometheus, aiding in system monitoring ● Designed effective Azure DevOps pipelines and reusable pipeline templates from scratch ● Upgraded Helm configuration files for better Kubernetes resource management ● Streamlined deployment processes with Nexus repositories ● Facilitated secure software lifecycle with AzureDevOps, improving pipeline efficiency ● Optimized Blackbox Exporter configuration for advanced HTTP and SSH monitoring ● Enhanced Kubernetes access control via Helm chart modifications for Prometheus ● Consolidated and automated Kustomize operations in Azure DevOps pipeline steps ● Implemented secure secrets practices in Azure DevOps
Platform Engineer
Scania R&D

2021-11 - 2023-01

Cloud lead, build an Internal Developer Platform & transition observability to a cloud native stack.
● Develop a Kubernetes based Internal Development Platform with ArgoCD & CrossPlane ● Measure, monitor and improve cloud CO² and environment footprint (reduced by 50%) ● Introduced SRE & DevOps concepts such as SLOs, assist teams to standardize observability ● Showcase Grafana with dashboards and Prometheus queries for metrics contextualization ● Compare/Evaluate Istio vs Cilium based Application mesh technology ● Transition GitLab CI runners from EC2 to Kubernetes ● Terraform deployments of Kubernetes (AWS EKS)
Dev enablement engineer
Scania R&D

2020-12 - 2021-10

Security lead ● Designed and implemented GitLab CI Merge Request testing pipelines to o minimize human efforts o automatically detect secrets committed in code ● Defined metrics standards to unify multiple team SLIs ● Maintained Fargate ECS with CloudFormation 2 ● Encouraged system observability with AWS CloudWatch metrics spanning multiple AWS accounts ● Utilized OpenTelemetry and Prometheus to make Kafka metrics available in CloudWatch ● Modified a Python based Lambda api to emit release related metrics ● Improved reusable GitLab CI pipeline boilerplates ● Set up Renovate Bot, to detect and create automatic MRs for library/container supply chain updates ● Maintained a set of CloudFormation code to streamline infrastructure such as WAFs
Backend/DevOps engineer
Scania R&D

2019-01 - 2020-12

A team Building cloud backend connected services for Scanias Autonomous vehicles ● Supported team with DevOps related tasks such as automatic deployments & CI templates ● Data Dog monitoring ● Kinesis management ● Built Python based lambda services with the Serverless Framework ● Wrote reusable CI pipeline boilerplates ● Managed Nexus package repository infrastructure
Cloud Architect/Engineer
Scania IT

2018-01 - 2019-01

Scanias Cloud Adoption team, set up and manage the AWS Landing Zone for Greenfield accounts ● Write infrastructure as code with CloudFormation, Ansible & Terraform ● Set up RDS Postgres clusters ● Coach and mentor Cloud- & DevOps engineers in agile principles ● Implement AWS IAM cross account strategies to control blast radius ● Demonstrate benefits with cloud native services, such as Java example code developers can use to manage secrets without persisting them to disk
Technical Specialist Linux Server
Scania IT

2015-08 - 2017-12

Plan, automate and improve a Red Hat Linux RHEV cluster consisting of 100+ hypervisors and 1400 VMs ● Python scripting to automate storage migrations et cetera utilizing (mostly) RHEV APIs ● Manage storage (GlusterFS) ● Automate virtual machine management & provisioning ● Configuration management with Red Hat Satellite & Ansible ● Troubleshooting Java/Tomcat/JBoss application performance
Solutions Architect

2014-01 - 2015-07

● Service design, upgrade & management of UNIX/Linux related software ● Investigating application interconnections with tcpdump + Wireshark ● IBM AIX process memory management ● Build Docker images for services such as GitLab 3 ● Aptean Order- and Warehouse systems ● Java/Tomcat/JBoss/WebSphere performance troubleshooting ● Measure and probe Web site performance with selenium ● Application wide system probing & documentation ● Application monitoring
Systems Administrator
Mogul Services

2011-01 - 2014-01

● Migrate, OS/Software monitoring & hardening the Swedish Government public Web, ● Mitigated a DDOS attack from the Anonymous group on ● Set up scripting, system administration and automation for and o Install new Escenic / Tomcat environments o Automate tasks in RunDeck & Chef IaC ● Manage Stingray web load balancers ● Write Nagios / OP5 monitoring scripts ● VMWare ESXi + NetApp cluster management ● Percona high availability MySQL ● Apache httpd management (Including PKI) ● Migrate servers from Solaris to Linux
Java Application Technician
Memnon Network

2008-01 - 2011-01

● Application monitoring & troubleshooting in the Operation Environment ● Automate deployments in a Jenkins / Hudson CI/CD pipelines ● Compose Operations- & Incident Reports ● Analyze Java Application Errors & produce bug reports ● Tweak/optimize/monitor java 1.5 Garbage Collection ● Create Test & deployment environments for the JBoss application ● Deploy internal infrastructure such as SVN, AD-connected FreeRadius et cetera ● Compose various Bash & Perl scripts (deploy & monitoring scripts mainly) ● Setup of redundant firewalls & redundant Apache servers/load balancers ● Migrate servers from Solaris to Linux ● System documentation ● Create Standard Operating Procedures
Unix Coach
Elan IT

2007-01 - 2008-01

Coached 20 service desk agent at the R&D Helpdesk for Ericsson developers ● SLA Responsibility ● Coaching of R&D Service Desk agents ● Tactical Incident Management / Incident Escalation ● Compose helping scripts for agents in tcsh, bash & Perl ● Evaluate candidating agents' technical proficiency 4 5
Unix Service Desk Agent
Poolia IT

2006-01 - 2007-01

Helped Ericsson developers with their development workstations ● End user support for Solaris & Linux workstations ● End user support with development tools such as VCS
Service Desk Agent

2004-01 - 2006-01

● 2nd line Global Support Analyst ● 1st line UK and US support
Systems Administrator
ISD Datasystem

2000-01 - 2004-01

Automated desktop installations, Air gapped education simulators for Air Combat Commanders ● Operate Air Combat Commander education systems ● Automate networked installations of Windows desktops and servers ● Linux & NetBSD systems administration

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