Marketing Project Manager


  • Build and deliver the pilot use case.
  • Scope and build the end-customer 'data for value exchange' proposition, e.g. a customer loyalty framework.
  • Build the approach for the next use case within the loyalty framework.

There are five core parts to this project:

  •  Validate initial use cases and timeline
    -Identify and move forward with the prioritized use cases.
    - Seek buy-in from leadership on Customer Value Marketing's path forward.
  •  Build measurement framework
    -Establish the measures to show the value across the key impact areas of brand loyalty and revenue.
    - What are the key measures that will show Customer Value Marketing can drive upside?
  •  Operations and budget assessment
    - Discovery of the operational framework and budget approach required to drive the first use case, and the ramp to a broad program that builds over time.
    - What will it take to staff this and how much is in run-of-budget vs. new $ allocation.
  •  Change Management
    - Understand the impact of these initiatives on stakeholders and create change management plan.
    - What change management needs to be in place for pilot and full program?
  •  Build momentum
    - Once the first opportunity has been set in motion, identify the next opportunities to capitalize on momentum and continue to expand Customer Value Marketing's impact.


  • Must have experience working as a PM in loyalty space and ideally building new loyalty programs.
  • Must be able to roll their sleeves and get work done instead of expecting to direct orders.
  • Experienced with Microsoft Office applications.


  • Passionate about customer and user experience with a strong customer centric outlook.
  • Extensive knowledge/experience of project management/loyalty marketing/customer value marketing.
  • Customer insight and data analytical skills. Ability to interpret complex data and use this information to identify conclusion and generate course of action and communicate clearly.
  • Detailed understanding of customer journeys and customer experience - in particular the levers to build propositions delivered digitally.
  • Ability to use data to drive solutions and solve business challenges.
  • Expertise in analysis of customer data to optimize targeting, communication and proposition development.
  • Experience driving long-term value from a customer base at crucial points in the customer lifecycle
  • Excellent communicator with experience at all levels of the organization. Strong team player with excellent people skills. To enable building of great relationships, facilitate workshops and influence outcomes.
  • Proactive approach, a strong, pragmatic, and determined individual with the ability to work as part of a diverse and geographically dispersed team.


Location Lincolnshire, IL
Workload 40 hours/week , 100% onsite
Expected start date ASAP
Expected end date Open
Necessary languages English
Necessary skills Build, Business, Marketing, data, program

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Project closed

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