Might be available

Quality Assurance Lead

Cary, United States, United States


  • 15 years experience writing SQL queries to et data from the Oracle database
  • 15 years experience testing UI, services, and database
  • 15 years experience working for a financial institution

Might be available

Back-end Developer

NYC, NY, USA, United States


  • Began teaching myself to code when I was 9
  • Hard-working, determined and fast learning
  • Certified in Python and Javascript

Might be available

Data Scientist

Chicago, IL, USA, United States


  • R language
  • Python
  • MySQL

Might be available

IT Consultant

Northbrook, IL, USA, United States

Tagalog, English

  • have actual experience in production migration to Office 365
  • more than 15 years experience in Microsoft Server Technologies
  • more than 5 years experience in Enterprise MSP IT SUpport environment

Might be available

Product Owner CSPO

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, India


  • Worked on staff augmentation for MNC, global IT agencies
  • 10 + years of Experience in Drupal, PHP, React Native, iOS, Android, Nodejs
  • Have DevOps experience using Docker etc

Available ASAP

Head of Business Development

Kharkiv, Харьковская область, Украина, Ukraine


Might be available

Software Developer

San Diego, CA, USA, United States

French, English, Spanish

  • Over 20 years of professional development experience
  • 10+ years of experience with .NET, C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET
  • 20 years of SQL Server experience

Might be available


Kristia, United States

Svenska, English

  • Java Script
  • .Net 4.7

Might be available

Fullstackutvecklare .Net

Stoc, United States


Might be available

IOS & Android Developer

Malmö, Sverige, Sweden

Hungarian, Svenska, English

  • IOS-development
  • Kotlin
  • Swift