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Onsiter is the platform where Programming experts and other IT contractors find their next project. Post your project for free or directly browse Programming experts that could fit your project.

Programmers who will work onsite at your office

Programmers are needed when you want to create new software and solutions. By writing code, they turn your business ideas and designs into functional applications that can help you in reaching your business objectives. If you’re looking for a programming expert , Onsiter has the most competent IT contractor, regardless which programming language your project is or should be based.

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Onsiter is an online service that delivers the most competent programmers who are able to join your organization and work on-site on your development project. One of the biggest advantages of using Onsiter is the flexibility and competences that comes with it: you define the project duration and workload and which skills the programmer should possess. Make sure to name the entire tech stack that has already been defined to ensure that you get the most relevant developers applying to the job. Obviously, if you have not yet decided which programming language, framework, IDE etc. should be used in your project, this can be left open and made part of the project description.

Since the programmers on Onsiter have vast experience, they will be able to give advice based on your project objectives, compatibility with your company’s existing systems and best practices in the industry. In an early project stage, it can even be a god idea to hire a consultant to help you define the project and then search for the relevant programmer(s) once you have a requirement specification in place.

Experienced programmers

A lot of software developers opt for a freelance career, as this allows them to specialize and constantly be challenged with new projects and environments. This is a huge advantage for businesses, as the programmers found on Onsiter will come with great experience and knowledge about how to quickly adapt to an organization and team and add value to a project from the very first day.

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