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Hire an IT Project Manager to lead your project on a contract basis 

IT Project managers are responsible of scoping, planning and execution of small or large IT projects. They make budget estimations and controls, assess risk, organize work packages and quality assure project deliverables. Obviously, a professional project manager takes care of systematic documentation as well as reporting to higher management during the project. At Onsiter, you can find a competent Project Manager with great IT understanding who will be able to join your organization and work on-site . 

The advantage of using a service dedicated to onsite IT projects 

When looking for resources for a new IT project , Onsiter is the most suitable service if you’re looking for a fast, cost-saving quality solution. Since the service has a main focus on projects that are delivered onsite on your premises, this is where you will find skilled IT Project Manager that will come and work at your company for as long as needed to successfully finalize your project. In our experience, a project manager needs to be onsite with the rest of the team and key stakeholders to efficiently fulfil the role. It can be a great advantage to have a project lead who is not selected from the in house staff, because it is easier for a non-biased person to take the necessary – sometimes difficult – measures and steps in regards to ensure that everybody contributes and aligned as needed to meet deadlines and project milestones and eventually, reach the desired business objectives. 

Flexibility and cost savings with an independent IT Project Manager

When you find your IT Project Manager on Onsiter, it provides great flexibility while reducing costs without giving in on quality. By allowing businesses to connect directly with IT specialists such as IT Project Managers based in and around , the costs for a manual matchmaking process is eliminated.

Since all Project Managers that you find on Onsiter are offering their services on a contract basis, it is a 100% up to you to define the length of the project and the workload during the project period; hence, you only pay for actual working hours.

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