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Onsiter is the platform where Eclipse experts and other IT contractors find their next project. Post your project for free or directly browse Eclipse experts that could fit your project.

Business value from day one with a specialized Eclipse developer

Eclipse Developers have the experience and personality to add value to your project without a long onboarding process. As most freelance Eclipse Developers have long experience using the Eclipse integrated development environment, they will guarantee value to your project from the first day.

Why more and more companies and contractors prefer services like Onsiter

When looking for development resources for your IT project , Onsiter is a great opportunity to find all kinds of different skills to get the best, most competent and directly available IT contractors for your project. They bring experience from similar projects and are up to date with the newest Eclipse releases and best practices in the field.

Find an Eclipse Developer to join your project

Onsiter allows you to directly communicate with Eclipse Developers, who are available for onsite jobs . Most developers working with the Eclipse IDE are Java experts but if your development environment is based on a different programming language, then just make sure to specify this in you project description and you will get only relevant developers applying for the job. The Eclipse software development kit (SDK) is published under an open-source license, so no extra costs will occur to make the SDK available to your development team.

You can also choose to simply post a project on our platform and wait for skilled and suitable developers to apply. In any case, the service is entirely free of charge until the time where you start working with one of the Eclipse Developer on Onsiter. In this case, you will get a monthly invoice covering the actual working hours of your developer. Included in this price is a 5 percent service fee to the Onsiter platform.

Take a look here to find your next skilled professional, who can help you out with any development task using the Eclipse IDE that you may have.