Senior Java Developer

We are looking for a Java Developer with the mindset of an Architect, or an Architect with developer skills for a pre-study in the Customer Adaption area. Our customer is in the need of a new application is needed to keep track of how standard offers Is customized for the customers. These are complex business processes and requirement definition will be part of the assignment. 

Required skills: 
- Senior Java knowledge, 5 + years 
- Experience as Developer or Architect, 5+ years 
- Fluent in English, Spoken and written 


Plats Göteborg
Förväntad omsättning 40 timmar/vecka , 100% på plats
Förväntat startdatum Omgående
Förväntat slutdatum 2020-12-31
Nödvändiga språk English
Nödvändiga kompetenser Java, System Architecture