Skilled Embedded Software Developer

Baserad i Silkeborg, Denmark
Pratar French (5), Danish (4), English (5), Spanish (1), German (3)
- Lead and main firmware developer for two world-wide successful products
- Constantly cultivating high spirit, winner attitude and passion
- 6+ års erfaring med embedded programmering

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Uppdaterad 2020-11-24




The consultant has led and developed two successful products through all phases of development: a high-tech e-bike and an accurate GPS-positioning unit used on thousands of ships around the world. He has thus the ability to both design and implement robust solutions but also to keep an overview of project advancement and deadlines. By studying electronics and always working closely with HW development, he has a very strong comprehension of the HW world and bring that knowledge for a interactive and constructive collaboration between the two worlds. He has designed several communication protocols and is particularly sharp in assessing the needs of the situation (e.g. speed vs size). He designs and writes easy-to-read and well-documented code that makes maintenance a straight-forward task. He is passionate about always getting better at what he does, finding more efficient solutions each time. 

Professionell bakgrund

Firmware Developer
2019-11 - 2020-01
Lead and main Firmware Developer
Trelleborg Marine Systems
2016-02 - 2019-09
Lead and main Firmware Developer
myStromer AG
2012-01 - 2014-08

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