Senior Data Scientist

We're looking for a 4-7 years experience (Senior) Data Scientist/Computational developer to assist in the Order Fulfilment & Delivery Analytics. 


The Order Fulfilment & Delivery Analytics team is working to improve the delivery of products to our customers, by the use of data and analytics. In paricular, we are developing analytical models (using prediction, optimization, visualization, etc.) that support the business in better decision making in all aspects of the fulfilment and delivery flows. 

The main tasks will be related to development and maintenance of a simulation model for order orchestration. The simulation model is written in Python and Julia. The purpose is to enable the fullfilment organizations in our markets to anticipate how changes to their network configuration will affect the order and delivery flows. In addition to working on this model, the consultant may be asked to work on other tasks related to other use cases. This may involve Python and algorithm development. 


Python and relevant data science packages (e.g. numpy, pandas)

Experience with writing algorithms/code for computational problems.

Some experience building machine learning or optimizaton models, and data visualization using Python packages like matplotlib or similar.

Ability to learn quickly.

Ability to communicate with business stakeholders.


Experience with Julia.

Experience writing simulation code from scratch.

Mathematical modeling skills.

Experience with Optimization models (discrete/combinatorial optimization).

Experience working with and deploying to Google Cloud Platform or similar cloud platforms. 


Three most important things 

Python and relevant data science packages (e.g. numpy, pandas) //4-7 years experience (Senior) 
Simulation/Computations/Mathematical modeling //1-3 years experience (Junior) 
Ability to work in a dynamic business setting, learning and communicating with various team members and stakeholders //1-3 years experience (Junior)


Location Malmö
Workload 40 hours/week , 100% onsite
Expected start date ASAP
Expected end date 2020-04-30
Necessary languages English, Swedish
Necessary skills Data Scientist, Python