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Mainframe Developers – this is where to find them 

The mainframe is still the primary repository of business data and logic at some of the biggest businesses in the world. At Onsiter, we deliver skilled Mainframe Developers  who will be able to join your organization and work on-site on your mainframe project on your demands. If so far, you have been looking in vain for mainframe experts, you came to the right platform now! 

Benefits of having your Mainframe Developer onsite for your project 

Onsiter has a main focus on projects that are delivered onsite at your premises , because we know how important onsite presence can be for the success of projects. This is where you will find skilled Mainframe Developers that will come and work at your company for the project period; it is a 100% up to you to choose the length of the project; hence, you only pay for actual working hours.  

Futureproof your mainframes with a handpicked mainframe developer 

Mainframes prevail and so does the need for skilled mainframe developer. These experts often master and combine traditional mainframe languages, such as COBOL, REXX and Assembler with the more contemporary programming languages like C++ and Java. By hiring a contract mainframe developer, you get exactly the programming skills needed to futureproof your mainframe.  

Define your requirements and find your new mainframe developer now.