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Go or Golang is a rather new and open-source based programming language created by Google. Golang makes it easy for developers to build solid and efficient software that is simplistic and safe in its nature. A strong base for your company’s software projects if you have a true Golang specialist to take care of the development. You will need a Golang developer who understands the syntax of the Go programming language to be able to create good code that will allow you to get a software solution without technical depth.

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On you can directly identify and start a dialogue with Go Developers , who can work onsite on your project. Almost every Go programmer that you find here on Onsiter will have great knowhow working in and with the entire Go framework and tools such as Go’s templating language, Go web frameworks such as revel, dependency management tools such as Godep but make sure to specify in your project description which exact tools that will be applied in your Golang-based projects and any other skills that your developer should possess.

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A lot of developers choose to work as independent contractors because it allows them to specialize their career within the exact field, they are passionate about. As a company you will benefit from the expertise and dedication that an independent Go developer will bring to your company.

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