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Hire a Cobol Developer  on a contract basis 

COBOL is one of the old programming languages that is still vital in many mainframe applications, but the number of COBOL developers  and in the market in general is decreasing because many of the best COBOL experts have retired. Those that are still active often prefer pursuing a career as an independent COBOL programmer and can be found here on Onsiter. 


Keep your vital Mainframe applications running 

Your Mainframe COBOL specialist can develop, test and debug COBOL, C, C++ and SQL programmers for your existing or new mainframe software or applications right at your premises . They are seasoned professionals that have a long track-record from similar projects and can implement, update, troubleshoot and enhance your mainframe applications. 

If you are looking for a sustainable long-term solution, your COBOL developer can also train your internal staff and of course provide technical support to project teams and users. 

Get exactly the COBOL skills you need for your mainframe projects  

Accessibility should not be your only reason for looking into the contract market. When you are hiring a COBOL programmer for a specific project, you can get exactly the skills you need. This could be knowledge of other programming languages such as Visual Basic, JSL or SPUFI; it could be databases such as DB2, MS SQL Server or Access; or platforms such as IBM Mainframe, UNIX or Linus. 

With a senior freelance COBOL developer, you can be almost certain to get a programmer who can analyze and translate user requirements into technical specifications and approaches every task in a problem-solving and goal-oriented manner. 

Post your project today to find your new Cobol Developer  

Hiring a Cobol Developer on Onsiter provides great flexibility because the process is lean and fast and you don’t need to know the complete scope of your mainframe project from the start. You pay your mainframe programmer on a monthly basis and only for actual working hours. This allows you to keep development costs at a minimum while still having a top COBOL developer working on updating or fixing your mainframe application.