UX designer

Based in Östergötlands län, Sverige
Speaks French (1), Swedish (1), English (1), Spain (1)
- User research
- Lean UX
- UX design

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Professional Experience

Senior User Experience Designer
2018 - Present

• Working in a UX design team on the IT department of the Swedish National Center of Migration. • Following a Lean UX/agile methodology • Performing strategic design, helping to shape the design team, incorporate UX in the organisation, as well as planning and performing user research

Senior User Researcher Loop UX
2018 - 2018

Moderated user research interviews and focus groups in Stockholm for a large, international Social Media network client

User Experience Designer
Heartbeet AB
2014 - 2018

https://heartbeet.se/ Self employed. Yoga Teacher and Health Coach. Maternity leave with three children and became a Certified Health Coach with Institute for Integrative Nutrition & Licensed Yoga Teacher (200 hours RYT, Yoga Alliance)

2018 - 2018

Moderated user research interviews for Samsung in Stockholm

Senior User Experience Designer - Media
Blinkbox Books
2013 - 2013

Designing a new e-book platform (Ereader tablet, iOS and Android app & website) in an agile development team. Blinkbox Books, Tesco, www.blinkboxbooks.com 1 • User needs research: user interviews & deliverables such as personas, user stories, user journey maps to drive the design forward • Information Architecture: Showing flows between user - service - and their environment, e.g. service design. Structure & label content, functions and features • Interaction design: Defining user interface interactions, sketches, user centered stories and design ideas. Wireframes and interactive prototypes.

Senior Information Architect - Telecom & Media
Accessory store
2012 - 2013

Messenger service Vodafone Terminals Innovation Team, Düsseldorf, www.vodafone.com • User interface prototyping. Exploring design ideas by creating paper & digital prototypes. • Interaction design with wireframes on new concept services and apps for Android mobile and Tablets. Working closely with Visual Designer.

Senior Online Information Architect - Telecom & Media - Eshop
Vodafone Online
2012 - 2012

www.vodafone.com • Information Architecture: Identifying and choosing design patterns for organising content. Creating user flows and sitemaps. Structure & label content, functions and features • Interaction design: Defining user interface interactions, sketches, user centered stories and design ideas. Wireframes and interactive prototypes

Senior Online Information Architect - Telecom & Media
Vodafone Online
2011 - 2011

Program, London, www.vodafone.com. Strategic design Eshop • Creating a sitemap and wireframes for the Chock out process of the Vodafone Eshop and Apps & Downloads area of the vodafone.co.uk site

Senior Online Information Architect - Telecom & Media
Vodafone Opcos (www.vodafone.country)
2009 - 2010

October 2009- December 2010 Senior Online Information Architect - Telecom & Media. Vodafone Online Program, London, Strategic online designs for Vodafone Opcos (www.vodafone.country) • User Research of early concepts of new designs as well as existing sites to inform redesign • Mockups, user flows, sitemaps and wireframes 2 • User experience leadership - leading the Vodafone Business site redesign from UX point of view, gathering global & local stakeholder requirements as well as project managing a multidisciplinary UX design team

Interaction Designer - Telecom & Media
Fjord Helsinki
2009 - 2010

Madrid, www.fjordnet.com • Detailing the concept for a next generation, cross-platform, future service propositions for Telefonica - Spain's nr one Telecom provider • Creating wireframes for a new concepts outlined for Marca - Spain's nr one sports newspaper

Service Designer - Telecom & Media. Fjord Berlin
2009 - 2009

• Service Design; Identifying the flow between user, service, product and environment in a redesign of a Music WEB Portal • Concept, IA and interaction design for a Music Store, to one of the leading Teleco's in Athens, Greece

User Experience Consultant - Telecom
Vodafone Global Marketing
2007 - 2008

User Experience Concept Development www.vodafone.com • Project management of & UX Consultancy on Vodafone UX WEB Styleguide • UX concept development and strategy for Vodafone's next generation WEB offering

Information Architect & UX Consultant
2007 - 2007

- Finance LBI www.lbi.com/global • Information architecture & Pitch work for Investment Banking WEB offerings

UX Consultant - Travel, Career, Finance
Webcredible www.webcredible.co.uk
2007 - 2007

• Project Management in full UCD process • Stakeholder & Benchmarking Interviews, Personas • Online Questionnaires, Card sorting, IA and Wireframing, User Testing, Eye-tracking 3 • Sectors/Clients: Travel: thetrainline, Career: E.ON and Finance: Lloyds TSB

User Experience Consultant - Finance, Travel, Media
Foolproof Business Limited
2006 - 2007

London / Norwich UK http://www.foolproof.co.uk/ • Project management of teams of up to 6 people • Clients/Sectors: Finance; HSBC, RBS, NU, Travel; FlyBe, Center Parcs and Media; ITV • User research; "one to one" user interviews, heuristic expert reviews, focus groups • Analysis and interpretation of research findings to provide actionable recommendations • Information Architecture; producing wireframes and design mock-ups • Eye-tracking

Interaction Designer
Home Entertainment easyView & Ecton AB
2005 - 2005

Sweden • Interaction Design of User Interfaces for Digital TV boxes and Broadband services • Development of services for Home Entertainment, such as IP-telephony • Video on Demand and User Generated Content, with strong emphasis on usability • Collaborative work with other interaction and visual designers

2004 - 2004

Sweden, http://www.fujitsu.com/global/ • Work experience for a leading UX Consultancy, experience from UX & accessibility work • Analysis of work processes and flows within a design team, working with methods such as RUP (Rational Unified Process) and Goal Directed Design • Investigating the optimisation of communication in the team 4

Academic Background

Ecole France Langue
2019 - 2019

InUse academy
2019 - 2019

MSc of Cognitive Science
Linköping University
2000 - 2004


Teacher Certification

became a Certified Health Coach with Institute for Integrative Nutrition & Licensed Yoga

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