Based in Stockholms län, Sweden
Speaks Swedish (5), English (4)
- 5+ års erfarenhet av SQL
- 8 års erfarenhet av Jira
- 8 års erfarenhet av Exploratory Test

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Updated 2020-01-31




Camilla is well suited for assignments as a tester/test lead and like to work in assignments that require a more technical nature within test. She has experience of working as one of several testers within a team, as the only tester in the team which requires more of test lead activities as well as test lead for offshore resources.
Camilla has many years of experience from the retail industry where she has had roles as Tester, Test lead in a core team set up to keep key resources onsite when working together with an offshore contractor and as Test Lead for a Program managing several systems and Teams. Before this Camilla worked as a tester with banking and finance with testing of mobile applications in various OS as well as web.
Besides her interest in techs and gadgets Fixed Gear bicycles and family and friends are a big part of her everyday life.

Social, curious, analytical, interested in learning new things, creative, thorough, like being a part in delivering the right things in the right time with quality, will gladly share her knowledge and is not afraid of asking others of theirs when needed.


1803 - Trekki AB - Consultant, Test lead, Tester

1310 - 1803 All System Go AB - Consultant, Test lead, Tester

1812 - 1907 Retail Industry - Program Test Lead

Test Lead in a Program, managing test and testers in two integrated systems with their own agile teams in SAFe. Test teams located in Chennai. Main system built on Micro Service architecture, hosted in Azure communicating with an external AI algorithm as well as different Services with JSON via APIs. Main contact towards business and Test Lead for Acceptance Test. Handling and investigating Production Incidents.

1807 - 1812 Retail Industry - Test Lead in Core Team

Test Lead in a Core team set up to provide the domain knowledge of the organization during POC and Project phase of implementation of a System intended to be built and handed over to an Offshore Team.

1610 - 1806 Retail Industry - Tester of systems supporting product development

Tester/Test lead within several systems; tools for handling Supplier Quotations, Logistics and samples and a system to support the PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) process. Part in a pre-study to break out all functionality from a bought solution to a new system hosted in Azure built on a micro service architecture.
Responsible for planning of test activities, setting up test data, plan and execute regression tests and report test- and defect status. Handled all coordination with System Integration testers, Acceptance testers and other Test leads in the integrated systems. Also responsible for the environments against release management and Test lead for testers in an offshore team in Chennai.

1402 - 1610 Retail Industry - Tester of Supplier and Capacity systems

Tester in an agile team managing several systems in Maintenance as well as new development of a Master Data System. One of the systems in maintenance were in a pilot project to be lifted from being hosted on Premise to be hosted in Azure. Used Queue Explorer for handling of XML messages, Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, Service Bus Explorer that is the Azure equivalent to Queue Explorer. Trouble shooting done with Business Activity Monitor to see that messages had gone away to other systems and Elmah (Error Logging Modules and Handlers) that is a debug tool for ASP.NET web services.
Assignment included system test, integration test towards other systems as well as managing demos and handovers to system integration test team and acceptance test team located in different countries e.g. Hong Kong. Also took on the responsibility to change the process for acceptance test and had a joint responsibility with the team architect of the test environments and of baseloads to other systems.

1310 - 1312 All System Go AB - Test automation Selenium

Participated in an internal project to build script to be used for test automation. Tools used were IntelliJ, Selenium and Junit.

1108 - 1309 EVRY AB - Banking and Finance sector

1301 - 1309 EVRY AB - Tester Mobile bank

Tester and Test lead responsible for planning and executing of testing activities of several native mobile applications. Worked with documentation and helped out in the requirement process for the new development of the mobile applications. Part of a scrum team with the sole responsible for quality insurance of the mobile bank and performed tests on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, reviewed logs with the tool iTerm in Unix environments as well as controlled test results and updated test data, like changed in payments or approved conditions via SQL developer. XMind and Jira were used for test planning and follow up.
Used Continuous Integration tool Jenkins and Android Development Kit (Android Debug Bridge) to install the applications in the Android environments, ADM (Android Debug Monitor) to monitor units and analyse logs. The mobile applications communicated via a REST-interface towards behind system. Used REST-API to plan tests.

1209 - 1212 EVRY AB - Selenium test automation of the Internet bank

Participated in a project to automate regression tests of the Internet bank with the purpose of raise the quality and remove large parts of manual test work. Tools that were used was a Selenium framework developed inhouse and testNG. Script language were mainly Java.

1108 - 1212 EVRY AB - Tester Internet bank

Tester in several scrum teams that had different responsibilities e.g. one team responsible for new development and one team for deployment and maintenance of the production system. Analysed requirements and developed tests with ALM 11 Quality Center and performed project planning in Jira. In the production team the work consisted mainly of analysing logs and verifying production fixes.

1108 - 1112 EVRY AB - Tester Mobile bank

Worked part time in an early phase of the mobile bank project as a Tester in parallel with other assignments within EVRY. Test planning was performed in XMind and Jira. Handled the setup of system tests, regression tests and merge test. The mobile bank worked after the scrum methodology and with many parallel deliveries, so tests were performed in different test environments, different branches and with different versions of the applications.

1101 - 1106 Stockholm University, Mobile Life - Usability Tester

Usability tests were performed on an Android application on an assignment from the research centre Mobile Life in co-operation with a dance group from the city of Stockholm. The application changed music tunes based on the users' movements and by testing this on a dance group we could see how the special man-machine aspects and interaction design were a part of the social interaction. Tests were performed mainly within HCI (Human Computer Interaction) and Embodied Interaction by the use of methods like observations, diaries and questionnaires. Tools that were used was mainly Balsamiq Mockups and PowerPoint but also the Android code to develop the application further with input from the dance group.

Professional Experience

Consultant, Tester, Test lead
2018 - Present
Consultant, Test lead, Tester
Trekki AB
2018 - Present
Program Test Lead
2018 - 2019
Test Lead
Core Team
2018 - 2018
Tester of systems supporting product development
Supplier Quotations, Logistics
2016 - 2018
Consultant, Test lead, Tester
All System Go AB
2013 - 2018
Consultant, Tester, Test lead
All System Go
2013 - 2018
Tester of Supplier and Capacity systems
2014 - 2016

All System Go AB
2013 - 2013

2008 - 2013
Tester Mobile
2013 - 2013
2011 - 2013
Tester Internet
2008 - 2012
Tester Mobile
2008 - 2012
Usability Tester
2011 - 2011
Usability Tester
Stockholm University, Mobile Life
2001 - 2006


12 SSTB, ISTQB, License SSTBFCS-568005

Test automation, Konsultbolag1

APP design course, Excel with business, online course

Agile Test, AddQ

Java, Linné University


Microsoft TFS, SQL Management Studio, Queue Explorer, Office Tools

SharePoint, Azure tools

HP Mercury Quality Center/ALM (Application Lifecycle Manager)

Atlassin Jira

Selenium Test automation

Oracle SQL Developer

XMind Mind map tool

iTerm Terminal emulator Mac

Postman API Test tool

Eclipse, XCode

Android Studio

Visual Studio Code IDE

Visual XML XML editor

Elmah Debugging tool for ASP.NET

BAM Business Activity Monitor for Integration Competency Center

Coding Languages Basis knowledge, HTML, XML, Java, JS

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