Onsiter is always free for vendors. Workforce buyers can choose between a free version and a customized paid option designed to meet extensive needs.

Our free version covers all the essentials: bids from preferred vendors, direct contracts, time registration, and standard reporting. There are no hidden fees.

If you decide to use the Marketplace or select vetted top consultants from Right People Group, a fee is included in the consultants’ price. However, you are not obligated to choose any consultants always leaving you the freedom to make an optimal choice.

Workforce buyers (free version)

  • Create up to 10 user accounts within your organization
  • Seamlessly share data across all users 
  • Tailor user permissions and access
  • Personalize language and currency preferences 
  • Display your brand logo with a branded version
  • Create and group your preferred vendors 
  • Send assignments and receive unified bids
  • Easy overview and sort of candidates 
  • Group and manage your preferred vendors
  • Distribute assignments and receive unified bids
  • Easily sort and review candidate profiles
  • Explore new vendors within the "Vendor Search Engine"
  • Receive implementation assistance for up to 10 users and 20 vendors. 
  • Publish assignments on Onsiter marketplace (optional)
  • Invoicing and contracting services at 2,5% (Optional)

Workforce buyers (paid version - contact us for scope and price)
ALL features from free version+

  • Ongoing support with defined SLAs for unlimited users 
  • Monthly reporting based on your requirements
  • Check of rate card compliance from all vendors
  • ERP integrations built to suit your needs
  • Tailored administrational assistance 
  • Customized KPIs and monthly reporting on KPIs 
  • Discounted invoicing and contracting fee

Want to see the features? Check it out in below demo: 

Book a demo/scoping session, or contact your local representative.