For consulting firms

For consulting firms

Do you manage a team of contractors and are you looking for high quality, long term projects?

Onsiter is the marketing platform that attracts new clients to your firm, but it is much more than that: 

  • No second middle man – it is entirely free to use the marketplace. No additional costs for consultant firms or consultant brokers.
  • Manage all your consultants and pitch them in seconds to projects from great customers.
  • Generate more sales and spend less time on administration.
  • Find great projects and pitch your relevant contractors in seconds.
  • You are in the driver's seat - manage what your colleagues should see and get a full overview of your consultants and projects.


Create an ‘agency’

Whether you are a consultant manager, sales person or CEO, it is now possible to create an ‘agency’ on Onsiter, where you can manage all of your contractors in one place.

After signing up as a contractor, you will be able to create an agency and add your contractors to your team. You can also add colleagues to the agency and give them the role as ‘co-administrators’, which will give them the same rights to view and edit your contractors’ profiles as yourself (more on that below).

Manage your team’s profiles

As a so-called ‘administrator’ of an agency, you will get a space where you can manage your team of contractors. Since you know your team’s strengths and weaknesses better than anyone, this type of profile will give you access to help editing your team’s individual profiles.

Apply for projects on behalf of your contractors

It will also allow you to apply for projects on behalf of the individual contractors, view the projects applied for, follow the progress and view invoices. You as an administrator will also be able to view the communication between the contractor and the business and this way ensure that everything runs smoothly and according to plan.

Control who can see individual profiles

By creating an agency, Onsiter will function as a marketing platform for your contractors where clients can view the contractors’ profiles and reach out to the person who possess the competencies needed for their specific project. If a contractor for any reason is not available for tasks for a given period of time, you can change the visibility settings of their profile to ensure that they do not show up in searches and thereby avoid that they are being contacted for tasks, which they will have to decline. This way, you do not have to delete their profile; you can simply make it visible again whenever the contractor is ready to take on new tasks again.

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