Software Product Lead Aarhus, Denmark

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Software Product Lead

Aarhus, Denmark

Nativo Danish, Fluente English, Debutante French

  • Experienced leader, ensuring team dynamic and development progress
  • Software developer with product management experience
  • Experience building and maintaining software on 120+ devices

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I have a passion for building interesting and innovative products and solutions, which make the world a better and more exciting place to be. This means that I possess a wide range of product development skills in order to create the best possible solutions for the users and customers.
This being said, technology always have been a major interest to me, and thus most of my skills are within the technical area. 
While my focus during the development is mainly on building the thing right, I am also making sure that it is the right thing which is being built - which goes both for the tech, the user and the business model. This means that I like to keep an open dialog with both those I develop with, those I develop to, and those I develop for, since in my experience that makes the best base for a great solution. 

I strive for an agile process where the development can dynamically shift to sudden changes in the market, or the customers ever-changing wishes. That being said, In my opinion it is important to listen to what the customer wants, but it is even more important to deliver what they need.

Esperienze professionali

Product- and Team Lead

2021-05 - 2022-06

Aarhus, Informal staff responsibility of four developers and one UX 

The staff ranged from a green developer with very little education and only some experience, to seasoned computer scientists who required more complex feedback. I had walk'n'talks with each individual members, to ensure that they enjoyed work, and that they were progressing properly as professionals, while still maintaining a healthy life balance. I made it my goal to make the team as independent as possible, where my role would be establishing a clear frame and direction, as well as predicting and ensuring removal of future obstacles.

Structuring, defining, prioritisation and planning of tasks 

Always stayed one or two steps ahead of development, so I was prepared when a developer was close to completing a task. I was very aware with giving the right task to the right member, as they had different strengths and weaknesses. We did not run strict sprints per se - instead I suggested releases, which the team could approve or decline.

Planning of product roadmap 

With the departure of a co-founder, I was given the responsibility of maintaining the product roadmap. I had a close relationship with both Customers Success, Support and Sales, to ensure that we were building the right thing at the right time.

Facilitating and structuring inputs from stakeholders 

In order to maintain a high level of transparency from the product development, I frequently arranged stakeholder feedback sessions, where stakeholders would have room for raising concerns and requesting features. The meetings would always end with me explaining what the team was currently working on, and what the pipeline would contain in the near future.

Sparring partner for the members of the team 

Different levels of expertise and personalities required different levels of sparring. Some members needed feedback on a concrete code level, while others had conceptual thoughts which needed reflection. Furthermore some were a bit more by themselves, where I would proactively reach out to them once in a while to ensure that they were in the loop.

Ad hoc fullstack development in React and Firebase 

Mainly bugfixing and minor improvements

Software responsible
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2017-04 - 2021-05

- Setting up CI/CD, Docker and Unit Tests for transformativeLibrary 

- Upgrading from a .NET hosted Flash client to a modern webbased Electron client 

- Upgrading an API from .NET Framework to .NET Core 

- Responsible for technical contact with sales, support, technicians and project management 

- Developing the Unity backend to Vestforbrændingen's educational lab, PowerLab 

- Maintenance of various legacy systems, mainly at Experimentariet.

Esperienze formative

IT-Product Development
Aarhus University

2011-08 - 2016-06

Information Technology
Aalborg University

2010-08 - 2011-08

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