Implementation and support

Onsiter is easily implemented and backed by dedicated support at every step.

Our implementation process, typically completed within 2-3 weeks, is designed to ensure your organization derives maximum value from the platform.

Explore the phases below:

1. Discovery
We start by thoroughly understanding your organization's specific needs and objectives. Then, we collaborate to align Onsiter with your goals.

2. Customization
Together, we customize the Onsiter features, user permissions, and reporting capabilities to precisely match your requirements and expectations. This includes contract templates, timesheet approvals, and potential central billing options.

3.  Preferred Vendor strategy
Develop a winning strategy for establishing and managing your preferred consultant companies. We will help create, organize, and maintain your crucial network within the platform.

4.  User training
We conduct user training sessions designed to empower your team with a deep understanding of the platform's functionalities, ensuring they can utilize Onsiter effectively.

5. Vendor onboarding excellence
Extensive training and support for your vendor network is crucial. We will ensure suppliers are comfortable with your processes and can effortlessly engage with the platform.

6. Facilitating adoption
Together we work on change management encouraging user adoption and driving Onsiter enthusiasm, minimizing resistance and maximizing engagement over an agreed period of time.

7. Support and improvements
Our support does not end with onboarding. We provide continuous assistance, addressing your requests, monitoring system performance, and implementing improvements based on your feedback.

8. Performance analytics
We offer performance tracking and analytics to provide insights into your Onsiter effectiveness, helping you make data-driven decisions and optimize your processes.