Senior Scrum Master  København, Danmark

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(Updated 2023-02-14)

Senior Scrum Master

København, Danmark

Native Svenska, English, Fluent Norwegian, Intermediate Spanish

  • Agile Management - Team Lead
  • SAFe - SCRUM - Kanban
  • Azure DevOps


With her diplomatic and intercultural communication skills Josefine is a confident motivator who mobilises, and coaches team members to meet high performance standards. Having great social sensitivity and responsiveness, being a fast learner and receptive to customer needs she always makes sure to deliver the best possible results.

Josefine is a social and loyal team player with a can-do attitude which makes her the person colleagues would turn to when in need of support of any kind.


Josefine has worked as a consultant for global organisations like Volvo Car Corporation, Stora Enso and IKEA Sweden AB.

Professional Experience

Scrum Master

2019-10 - Present

On going Assignment description: Scrum Master for the Sales Dashboard Team with 11 members, for 1 year, supporting the team in the transformation to Agile ways of working. The second Scrum team was the One Engine team, with 15 members in total. This team was very self-organised but the Agile Release Train (ART) completely new after reorganisation so the assignment included supporting the Product Manager & Team Manager on ART level with PI Planning & setting up everything needed for the new ART with its seven Scrum Teams.
Project Leader

2019-08 - 2019-10

Assignment description: Project Leader in Implementation of Diadrom's off-board diagnostics product suit called Diag Studio for NEVS (National Electric Vehicle Sweden) The application is customised to NEVS' vehicles enabling diagnostic actions such as parameter reading and software download. The project also includes Web Portal development for administration of data.
Scrum Master

2017-01 - 2019-07

Assignment description: Execution Team, Production Development Team and Feature Team Scrum Master Delivery Management Admin for Flo Group team of 30 persons on site Documentation & Knowledge transfer coordination for all OTM system development As part of the new IT strategy, for IKEA, to move to standard software, one main initiative was in Delivery & Settlement, Supplying Transport Management Solution, STMS, developing and implementing IKEA Transport Management, ITM (IKEA's customisation of OTM) The project officially ended in 2018, continuing the global rollout, and finalising the main features of ITM in the next phase called ITM Prepare for Growth (IPG) The STMS Project had 12 parallel teams in the Agile Release Train at the most. SAFe setup with dependencies between most teams working on the same product. Team structure depending on area such as Integration, Feature specific, Infrastructure and more.
Project Managment Office (PMO)

2016-03 - 2016-12

Assignment description: PMO where my primary role was to support the Project Manager with the daily operations, meetings, follow-ups etc.
The aim of the project was to implement Oracle Transport Management (OTM) for some of Stora Enso's Divisions (Pulp, Biomaterials) to manage the logistic part of the supply chain from order to settlement.
Main responsibilities as PMO: © Consid AB ● 2 ● Support Project Manager in daily operations ● Requirements gathering ● Producing functional analysis ● Quality Assurance Reports ● Logistic Documents ● System Test ● Master Data Coordination
Quality/Process Developer

2013-08 - 2016-02

Techniques: QlikView, CRM systems (document-, and deviation handling) When: Aug 2013 - Feb 2016 Assignment description: Schenker Dedicated Services was founded in 1996, with more than 140 employees in Germany and Sweden. Customers are geographically spread all over Europe. The Pan-European transports and networks bookings are managed from SDS' Control Towers.
Member of the Finance Department, main responsibilities included: ● Quality ● Improvement Work ● Information Security ● Process Development ● Risk reporting ● Internal Control reporting ● Compliance Management ● Product owner Business Management system ● Configuration, Administration, Support Deviation Handling System
Claims Coordinator & Freight Forwarder

2013-08 - 2016-02

Techniques: QlikView, Internal Claims Handling & TM systems When: Aug 2013 - Feb 2016 Assignment description: Freight Forwarder in the largest Control Tower, for ESAB, responsible for the Inbound Flows to Factories around Europe. And as the Division grew larger offered to start a new Claims Department for coordination and handling of all the incoming Deviations.
© Consid AB ● 3 COMPENTECE/

Academic Background

Bachelor of Arts, Social Psychology (Organisation & Leadership)
University of Skövde

2010-01 - 2010-01

Exchange Student - International business
Dominican University of California

2009-01 - 2009-01

Study abroad Program
University of Newcastle Australia

2006-01 - 2006-01


Leading SAFe, Scaled Agile Inc


Scrum Master,


Scrum Master, Scrum Alliance


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