IT PM/Hybrid/agile; Transition København, Denmark

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IT PM/Hybrid/agile; Transition

København, Denmark

Native Danish, English, Arabic, Beginner German

  • IT PM Hybrid/Agile/Waterfall
  • EA & Business Architecture
  • Change Management, cross-functional teams; Transition; Transformation

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IT Project Manager

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Result oriented - Analytical creative -   Cooperative - Independent - Structured - Responsible 

 Jumana is an experienced manager with a broad profile from various positions within IT, as well as a wide range of different roles and multiple roles. Jumana is strong in IT Program, Project Management - Quality Management and Compliance, business, enterprise and solution architecture, ITSM, as well as the development of large complex IT solutions.


Jumana has experience in project management methodologies from waterfalls to larger iterative models such as Rational Unified Process (RUP). However, it is within the agile methodology that Jumana is particularly strong, as she has been part of project management and development within both Scrum and SAFe, which she can navigate and use in practice at all levels. Jumana as a consultant has demonstrated her excellent skills in management, project overview, cross-team coordination, reporting and stakeholder management. She is also a skilled facilitator sessions and ceremonies


With more than 10 years of experience in IT - Jumana has a solid technical understanding and skills, which combined with her management skills has given her a unique insight into a myriad of roles and perspectives in solution development and customer contact. Furthermore, she is analytical and goes to all tasks with a healthy, critical attitude and a logical mindset. She focuses on value creation for the customer and is therefore a popular consultant on all projects. On her previous projects, she has demonstrated her strong abilities to transform the business's desires into system-supported IT, and she performs complicated clarifications on behalf of the team with the goal of ensuring progress and averting blockages for the team.


With Jumana, you get a consultant who has practical experience in management, as well as the entire development process from idea to production. She has provided several solutions, all of which have been of high quality. This is largely due to the processes that Jumana manages to get set up and the experience she brings with her into the agile, waterfall or hybrid projects.

Professional Experience

Freelance Consultant
Consultant IT BY JAE

2017-04 - Present

 Consultant IT by JAE 
Client: 1
Management IT Consultant 
Technical Scrum Master (for 3 teams, located in 3 different business units), Delivery Manager, Project Manager, Agile Coach, Driving and guiding Cutover & Change Management

Mentor, Coach, backend software development team, stakeholder management, multiple

countries. - fill in as a PO, in vacations and sick leaves


Project Manager Quality management and compliance - in different and multiple SW development projects with team members across DK, TH, FR, IN, NL, NG, UK, where she had  to re-organize and structure already established and cross-functional digital teams, to ensure the demands and requirement from different areas in the organization IT and business and conducting workshops to ensure the results from gap analysis is transparent and suggest how to build in quality with current agile practices to ensure performance, coach PO/PM, focus on competencies – also development, support 1-3 level change management and support processes, contract management 3rd part vendor etc.
Project 1 - Digital & Technology:

Agile coaching, technical support and contract management: PO, BA, Developers, architects and system engineers across Thailand, India and Denmark. 

Management of PLM and AX2012 – data processes, operation and functions between both systems with respect for business, users etc. Contract negation with 3rd party vendor. 
Project 2 - Global Supply Chain: 
Agile coaching: Solution architects, PO, Developer(s), Supply Chain consultants and planning Manager, across Denmark and India.
Defining business process, System integration of Logility – planning tool – and optimizing planning solution between Global Office, Global IT and PPT – production sites in Thailand.  
Project 3 - two project with one team and 2 different areas, Marketing Technology and Digital & Technology. Technical Scrum Master, Agile coaching and mingling between two different methodologies with Solutions architects, PO, Engineers and later also a BA

The latest was a Business-critical project in FR: Loyalty – to be launched two months after joining the project. Ensure the Loyalty initiative in FR, was launched successfully on time – was already delayed 2Y. Shout out in Townhall: “XXXX Hero: Great motivator to get Loyalty over the finish line”

Also was a key driver for splitting the code base application, rights management, security reasoning, authentication Protocols, outline cutover activities incl. change management beside many different tasks which she did by conducting a gap analysis, conducting workshop with stakeholders from different business units, IT and agile teams, to ensure recommendation for the scope is agreed upon, the value by splitting the code base, securing infrastructure,   governance model and implementation strategy to meet demand and requirements  and workshops with ITSM, change management and support teams so they had the proper knowledge, guidance and coaching.


"Global Director: Wanted to thank you for everything you have done for My XXXX. It has been a pleasure working with you!... Director, digital development retail technology: “ ..You and the team have been crucial to the success of Loyalty, you will be missed for sure Program Manager RTE: Your skills, strength and expertise are keeping the team together after C. and change of the captain has been so seamless that it is beautiful ..


Scrum, SAFe, Spotify, Hybrid, Agile- The Pandora way, Jira, Teams, Sharepoint, Miro, Confluence, Azure DevOps, API, Boomi, Flex PLM, Logility, AX2012, 


Consultant IT by JAE 
Client: 2

Management IT Consultant 
ScrumMaster & Agile coach 

Development of business value creation in Mainfraime.

Assignments and participation: Taken over as the 3rd Scrum master at PI3 a team (offshore & onsite) who had not yet adopted the agile practices.

Managed to coach the agile processes, introduce and practice Built-in Quality, facilitate the agile events, coach PO and BA around their roles incl. requirement & demands gathering, scope definition, the value of the requirements & demands also for the teams to understand why/whom/value they will work on, governance model for the different areas, workshop with business and IT, introduce ways and working - not just in the team but also across teams and m.m.


Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, Jira, Teams, Miro, Confluence, Mainframe






Consultant IT by JAE 
Client: 3

Management IT Consultant

IT PM digital & onsite, Transition and Contract Manager, ITSM, Enterprise, Business and solution Architect all for NE incl. DK, NL, S, N, and FIN. Architect, with various project scope and responsibilities, from concept face to execution: Infrastructure architecture, application architecture, data architecture, etc.


1) Project Manager – Quality Management and compliance, Contract and transition Manager; ITSM: re-consolidation of infrastructure contract(s) for NE and UK. Transition infrastructure to new set-up (HW and SW) with identification of stakeholders, identification of HW and SW in stores across NE and in head offices; held up against new and old contractual obligations.

2) IT PM: New retail solution across NE including HW and SW, NO Law POS data handling

3) Enterprise, Business and Solution Architect


Established clear process of IT infrastructure contracts (NE) for specific areas for transition, negotiation and re-worked contracts after understanding the demands and requirements that fit the business and IT by conducting a gap analysis. By defining and describing the scope, governance model and implementation strategy within the different offices and stores across NE - with clear visibility of anchoring and when the demands and requirements will be implemented. Since the project was to go live 2 months after joining the company. Established weekly follow-up with vendors (Located in UK, NE and PL) to ensure SLA, quality of service, prices, GDPR, authentication etc. across NE and UK, to ensure transparency and areas to be improved. Termination of not current contracts for NE (after consolidation) resulted in clear reduction on vendor spent in each country - monthly and yearly. Including asset management where lifecycle for HW with respect for transformation upcoming, with analysis, legacy system in the different countries incl. rights management, roadmap, capabilities, disposal suggestions, cutover process, Hypercare, and establishment and streamline process and roadmap for streamlining HW and SW across 5 NE countries. Working with SDM teams across NE and UK, to ensure ways of working/processes with respect to each countries culture.


2. IT-PM: Definition, Law regulation, development (scrum) teams within NE and in UK and India; define and establish different teams’ internal and external responsibilities from architecture, data migration - to roll-out/cut-over, hypercare etc. commercial PM roles and responsibilities. The project succeeds and kept all law regulations by ensuring transparency, quality management and continue to built-in Quality.

Due to other IT-PM resigned for already bought HW&SW  retail solution for all countries. After various attempt from vendor, the project was closed, due to missing SLA's. missing data etc.


EA: Solution options and decisions created for different areas incl. Data handling and POS across NE - saved the Business from Investment in new POS solution across NE with respect to the various law in each NE country.

BA: Contribution and education for new BA's to be able to establish a business architecture view for future setup and transparency across the business.

SA: HLD for various projects - some have been postponed for several years due to missing architecture designs. contribution and responsible for LLD.

Including: Business Architecture, Application Architecture, Integration Architecture, Infrastructure Architecture and Security Architecture.


UML, Jira, qTest, ServiceNow, Java, JSON, Azure API management, OSB Azure, SQL DB, MS Project, MSXML, Visio, Retial-J, PDH, TOGAF, SS customized tools

Project Manager - infrastructure
Eltel Networks A/S

2015-12 - 2015-06

Headhunted – from references and achievements. 

PIT-PM infrastructure and intranet, IT Bid Manager, Change management, Test management, Architecture.

Several infrastructure projects for Banedanmark: Out of band management, transmission projects
 HW and Software replacement and new roll-out, assets management incl. servers, with AP, LLD, fiber roll-out, access switch, security and mm.

Infrastucture PM for Saint Gobain with assets management, site documentation network infrastructure, to-be infrastructure incl fiber, AP roll-out, cable installation, patching on different production sites across NE, Surveys, PDS tests, server storage management and NOC.

IT-Project Manager

2016-07 - 2017-07

IT-Project Manager Data migration and Cut-over responsible on-site & digital, team members in Sweden, Germany and Norway. Infrastructure manager for store openings across NE.


Data migration from retail ERP to SAP Commerce.

Establish business and IT processes, asset management, governance, define data, quality, migration principles, data merging, master data, Data objects documentation and definition

Cut-over tasks definitions and communication across the business and different stakeholders - including roll-back strategy and POC.SAP was successfully launched at GO-Live date, managed to catch up on 6 months data migration delay by conducting a gap analysis of the actual demand and requirements, had to be defined and the overall scope to be clear for all.

 Various team members from Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.


SAP, Java, SQL, DB: Oracle & MySQL, MS Project, Hybrid, TOGAF and customized TT tools.


IT Consultant, IT-PM

2005-01 - 2015-12

IT-PM infrastructure, IT Bid Manager, Change management, Test management, Architecture.

Infrastructure bids for the regions:  CRIMEA – consultancy framework offer; SKI 02.19-ASP/Cloud- Saa's service.

- Responsibility for several sub-areas; -Ensure cooperation across the organization; -Meet deadlines. Ensure requirement specification was met, -Continuously update the process.

Infrastructure Project manager for GC - Responsible for collection on several ongoing infrastructure projects, as well preparation of offers and ensuring specification of requirements on, among other things, Office 365. Ensure deadlines and milestones are met. Ensure cooperation across the organization, the customer and suppliers. Fill in relevant documentation and keep a sharp structure with the progress of the projects, as well solutions to problems that have arisen etc.

Project manager for Tryg and TCS – printer rollout

- Ensure deadlines and milestones are met, Ensure cooperation across the organization and the customer. Fill in relevant documentation and keep a sharp structure with the progress of the projects, as well solutions to problems that have arisen.Requirements specification for the infrastructure – new server, design etc.Project coordinator for internal project in Atea Digital Business Services – software development

Cognos, management level reporting.

-Operating manual for MDT.

-Arla order management in SNOW.


“IT Udviklingschef, ATEA: ”Vi havde glæden af at have Jumana El-Subaihi tilknyttet som infrastruktur projektleder på et internt projekt i Atea Digital Business Services. Jumana leverede et godt stykke arbejde hvor hun ud over at fungere som projektleder også deltog aktivt i projektet og bidrog positivt til løsningen.” 
Afdelingsdirektør, AIS: ”Der har været arbejdet på at færdiggøre rigtig mange udbud bl.a. Regionen og Kriminal Forsorgen samt dvs. SKI udbud. Jumana blev med det samme kastet for løverne med så for styr på disse udbud – det har hun klaret super flot.” 
Salgschef, Justitsministeriets område: ” Projektet havde en meget, meget svær fødsel, som virkelig trak tænder ud, og sendte mange af vore dygtige og engagerede kolleger på seriøst aften, og weekendarbejde. Jeg vil specifikt nævne Jumana El-Subaihi, der i den grad tog ejerskab på kvalitetssikringen og målstyring.”

Many diff. org.

1994-01 - 1999-12

Microworld A/S, TDC, SKANSKA, Inforhuset, Taga Blomster Interflora
Store management, recruitment responsible, financial management, teaching, coaching, assistant, telemarketing, meeting booker, customer relations, IT Consultant,Project coordinator, Consultant, software design and development

IT Manager

2020-09 - 2022-03

Mentor, Management software development, stakeholder management, Bids, RFP, Scrum Master for NFR Scrum Team UFST, digital Teamlead Back-end team application, located in multiple countries.

Manager in different SW development projects in public sectors within DK and UK, where I had to re-organize by conducting gap analysis from the customer requirements compared with demands and structure already established and cross-functional digital teams, to ensure quality , built-in quality in the agile practices, ensure performance, competencies etc.

·       Been contributing to many public &private bid projects among other also RfP where transition and transformation (ERP) with consuming partners, PM management and high-level plan by defining and describe overall scope, value proposition, governance model and recommendation for an implementation strategy to meet demand and requirements, suggestion for the transition, transformation and the different aspect to be suggested considered. Result, invited for further presentation and suggestion incl. high-light areas that was in risk.


Confluence, Jira, Azure, Netcompany customized tools


Academic Background

Master of Computer Science in Engineering
The Technical University of Denmark

2020-08 - 2013-04


Introduction to Lean Sigma Quality


ITIL® Foundation


PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner


Leading SAFe


IT -Foundation


Enterprise Architect – Practioner


Business Architect


Scrum Master


SAFe 5 Scrum Master


SAFe 5 Product Owner


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