Are you looking for long-term qualitative projects for your team of consultants?

At Onsiter, you can manage all your consultants in one place and pitch them in seconds to projects from great clients. The marketplace is entirely open, which means that clients can view and reach out to your consultants without signing up on the platform. It’s a great marketing opportunity for your agency and individual profiles. 

  • No second middle man - it’s entirely free to use the marketplace with no additional costs for consultant firms, consultant brokers, or recruitment firms.
  • Find great projects and pitch your contractors in seconds
  • Manage all your consultants in one place and add colleagues as co-administrators
  • Generate more sales and spend less time on administration
  • You are in the driver’s seat - manage what your colleagues should see and get a full overview of your consultants and projects

Create an agency in two simple steps 

  1. Sign up as a consultant on Onsiter
  2. Create an agency and invite your contractors to join your agency

Improve individual profiles of your consultants

As a co-administrator, you can edit and optimize your consultant's profiles to ensure that they are attractive to clients. 

Pitch your contractors to projects 

Apply for projects on behalf of your consultants, keep track and follow the progress of all assignments. You can also view the communication between the consultant and client to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Update the visibility status of your consultants 

Do you have a consultant that is busy on another project or, for some reason, cannot take on a new assignment right now? You can simply change the consultant’s visibility status to avoid getting contacted for projects that you have to decline. In this way, you don’t have to delete their profile, and you can simply make it visible again whenever the consultant is available. 

Invite your co-workers and control admin permission

Besides inviting your consultants, you can invite co-workers to help you manage your agency. Your co-workers will be co-administrators like yourself and can view and edit the consultant’s profiles. 

Are you ready to find projects for your consultants? 

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