Updated: 2021-04-15

Improve the vectorization process

Bruxelles, Belgique

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Project Details

We already have a software to vectorize images and turn them into custom paint by numbers. Currently, we would like to improve our vectorization process by developing a brand-new option:  give us the possibility to choose/select areas that need specific details.

For example, a couple standing in front of a landscape, we need more details for the couple/people’s faces than the background. I am sending you a typical example of what we are currently doing with our software and which does not satisfy us.

We have a possibility to add a script to our software.


Sijainti Bruxelles, Belgique
Työtaakka 1 Tuntia/viikko , Osittain etänä
Aloitus ASAP
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Vaadittu kielitaito Englanti, Ranska, Venäjä
Vaaditut taidot COMPUTER VISION, Process, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)), programmation

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