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Hire a LINUX Developer on a contract basis 

A LINUX Developer will help you develop and maintain the operation systems in your business. Linux is a flexible and powerful open-source operation system but of course you need an experienced hand to leverage the power of the system. Your contract LINUX developer can take care of developing and administrating your Linux solution: monitor the infrastructure, automate workflows and design overall production system architectures to ensure a stable system and lean maintenance. Onsiter delivers the most competent UNIX and LINUX Developers who will be able to join your organization and work on-site on your project.

Benefits of having your UNIX and LINUX Developer onsite for your project 

Your LINUX Developer will be able to join your team either full time or part time, as suits your project best. You only pay for the actual working hours and have full flexibility in regards to the duration of your Linux project. Since a Linux developer can also take the role of Linux administrator, you can continue working with your Linux expert on a “on demand” basis or a few hours a week after the actual development phase of your Linux solution has been successfully finalized.

The ideal Linux expert based on your project requirements 

State in your project description if it is required to bring hands-on experience with Linux web and application servers (e.g. Apache, GlassFish, TomEE, Nginx), scripting skills in Bash, Shell, Perl, Python or knowledge of continuous integration solutions such as Jenkins and SonarQube. Many of the Linux developers featured here on Onsiter also bring knowledge of Cloud technologies such as Docker, OpenStack, VMware and VirtualBox but make sure to mention all technologies that a Linux developer should be familiar with to be the perfect candidate for your project. 

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