Core features of Onsiter

Onsiter is a highly flexible platform, and the features below are optional to use, enabling you to pick and choose exactly what is right for your organisation.

Collaborate with your preferred vendors 

Create and group your preferred to make them accessible to all Onsiter users from your organisation.

Preferred vendors will present consultant offers in a structured and GDPR-compliant manner. You immediately access all essential offer details, including the hourly rate, availability, and competencies, making it simple to compare and group consultant bids from different suppliers.

Manage timesheets and approvals

Contractors can conveniently log and submit their work hours on a monthly basis for seamless approval by the responsible manager with your organization. 

Gain insights into aggregated time spent and dive deep into individual consultants' historical timesheets for optimal tracking and informed decisions.

Full overview of your contractor data

Your assignment information and time reports are automatically consolidated within the 'Reports and statistics' feature on Onsiter.

Uncover cost trends, headcount insights, and time spent analysis effortlessly. Select any specific period and gain a detailed overview of consultants' project assignments. Easily export all data for in-depth analysis and reporting if needed.

Contract directly with vendors

Digital contracts with vendors can be signed and managed in Onsiter. You can upload your standard contracts, and every time a contractor is selected, the relevant contract can be chosen and sent for digital signature by the vendor with just a few clicks.

Contracts can be established directly between you and the supplier/contractor/consultant, or you can select our 'Invoicing and contracts' service offering you a flexible and secure central billing option.

Explore new vendors in our Vendor Search Engine

Looking to explore new opportunities and expand your network of suppliers? Onsiter goes beyond the familiar by indexing websites from thousands of consulting companies in the Vendor Search Engine. 

This feature enables you to filter and search for new, specialized consultant companies efficiently. 

Send your requests and invite potential new vendors to offer consultants with only a few clicks in the Vendor Search Engine.

Enhance your reach with the Contractor Marketplace

Onsiter has the largest open contractor marketplace in the Nordics, with more than 10.000 expert profiles.

When creating an assignment, you can either keep it 'private,' share it exclusively with selected preferred vendors, or make it 'public' on the Consultant Marketplace. Making it public allows consultants with profiles on the Consultant Marketplace to apply for your assignment.

Invoicing and contracting services

Are you looking to hire a freelance contractor or consultant vendor but do not have a framework agreement in place? Onsiter simplifies this process by assisting you in creating and managing contracts through our pre-existing framework agreement.

With our central billing solution, we ensure seamless personal onboarding of the contractor, handle monthly invoicing following your established processes, and manage potential contract extensions. This way, we ensure a hassle-free and compliant contracting experience for all.

Check out the look and feel of Onsiter in this video presentation of core features: