What is the relationship between Right People Group and Onsiter?

Right People Group is a freelance IT provider, and Onsiter is a platform owned by Right People Group. When creating assignments in Onsiter, you can choose to get bids from the built-in contractor marketplace and manually vetted top candidates from Right People Group.

The workforce buyer is never obligated to choose vetted contractors from Right People Group or the marketplace.

Is there a predefined set of vendors in Onsiter?
No. Many organizations add the consultant vendors they have existing framework agreements with as preferred vendors.

You have the flexibility to choose and organize vendors as you prefer. Every time an assignment is created, you choose which of your preferred vendors it is sent to.

What is the difference between “Preferred vendors” and the “Vendor Search Engine”
Preferred vendors are within your control. You can add, remove, and group them as needed. This flexibility encourages healthy competition among your preferred vendors and a foundation for obtaining high-quality services at competitive rates.

The “Vendor Search Engine,” on the other hand, comprises a large selection of consultant companies, offering you the opportunity to explore a wider market. Onsiter indexes websites from various consulting companies, functioning as a valuable resource for discovering potential new partners. In simple terms, we have developed a unique search engine specifically designed for you to easily find consultant firms – even the smaller ones working in niche technologies.

Is Onsiter meant to be used by a central unit (like procurement) or by the individual hiring managers?
Onsiter can be effectively used in both ways, allowing you to choose the approach that best aligns with your company needs.

While our normal recommendation is for individual hiring managers to handle the hiring process themselves, as it offers speed and ease of use, the decision ultimately rests with you. Regardless of the approach, we help you achieve that full transparency is maintained within your company.

How does Onsiter differ from other MSP suppliers?
Many MSP suppliers operate by outsourcing the hiring of external talent to an external provider. This may create a "black box" scenario where the selection of consultants is influenced by the relationships of the MSP staff with specific individuals or vendors.

In contrast, Onsiter empowers your organization by putting you in control of the hiring process. The platform ensures competition for every assignment and transparency across the organization. 

How do Onsiter and Right People Group earn money in the “free version”?
In the free version of Onsiter, there are no fees for you or your preferred vendors. This includes the implementation, support, and all platform features. There are no hidden costs or charges.

Right People Group and Onsiter only generate revenue when you choose to use the marketplace or opt for vetted top candidates from Right People Group. 

Additionally, fees may apply if you decide to utilize the "invoicing and contracting” services. However, it is important to note that none of these services are mandatory, and you are not obligated to select a candidate from the marketplace or Right People Group at any time.

How does it work when a customer has a contractor they want to hire from a company they do not have a framework agreement with?
You can utilize the ‘Invoicing and Contracting’ services in this scenario. This streamlined process ensures fast onboarding of known consultants. Each consultant is personally onboarded, ensuring they are fully prepared from day one. 

Invoices are generated monthly according to your processes, and our team actively manages potential contract extensions. The fee for these services is 2.5% in the free version, with a significantly lower fee in the paid version. Specific offers are tailored to your needs.

Where are you located?
Onsiter teams are strategically located in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Italy, and Spain. 

Our local teams play a crucial role in assisting with both the implementation and ongoing support for your users and preferred vendors.

Does Onsiter have out-of-the-box ERP integrations or HR system integration?
Onsiter is designed to support integrations with common ERP and HR systems. Nevertheless, integration needs can differ depending on customer-specific requirements. Therefore, pricing for integration is determined based on your specific needs. Typically, integration starts with manual processes and gradually transitions to automated system integration as needed. 

Our primary objective is to ensure that any integration is seamless and to provide you with the necessary data in your systems as required.

How does Onsiter support contracts and digital signatures?
Onsiter simplifies contract management by allowing you to upload your own contracts to the platform. When a contractor is selected for an assignment, you have the option to create the contract directly in Onsiter. The contract can then be digitally signed by you and sent for digital signature to the vendor/contractor. 

Once both parties have signed, the contract is securely stored in Onsiter as a signed PDF, which can be easily downloaded and accessed.

What do you do to secure user adoption of Onsiter?
Onsiter prioritizes user-friendliness and efficiency to drive high user adoption rates. Our enthusiasm for Onsiter is evident during the onboarding process for your organization's users and preferred vendors.

Additionally, we regularly monitor and report on key performance indicators (KPIs) related to the usage of Onsiter within your organization, ensuring that the platform continues to meet your needs.

What if we don't need all the features, such as time reporting and contracts?
Many enterprise companies already have established time reporting and contract management systems in place, making it unnecessary to duplicate these functionalities within Onsiter. However, this is not a problem. 

Onsiter is designed to be flexible, allowing you to choose which specific features you wish to utilize. If you choose not to use time reporting, the automatic reporting section will simply remain empty. In the paid version, we can further customize manual reporting to align with your specific requirements.

How Does Onsiter Ensure Data Security and Privacy?
Onsiter is built on a modern platform with a privacy-by-design architecture, ensuring robust data security and privacy measures. Users can access a transcript of information recorded on them and request the complete deletion of their personal data.

Data is stored in collaboration with our hosting partner, Google Cloud Platform, and all data is securely stored within the European Union (EU). For more information feel free to read our privacy policy or contact us for more information.

Is training and support provided for users and preferred Vendors?
Yes, both training and support are available, even in the free version, with limitations on the number of users and preferred vendors. The training process includes an initial onboarding session, followed by ongoing support. 

Our Onsiter support teams consist of native speakers located in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Italy, and Spain. By default, our team closest to the user or preferred vendor conducts the training and provides support.

Can Onsiter Handle International Hiring and Freelancers Across Borders?
Absolutely, Onsiter offers a robust setup to facilitate compliant hiring of freelance contractors across international borders when using our ‘Contracting and invoicing’ services. 

Onsiter engages with you according to your standard framework agreement, ensuring that freelancers agree to identical terms. Payment is released to the freelancer upon confirmation of your payment to Onsiter, streamlining the international hiring process while maintaining compliance with all relevant regulations.