For contractors

For contractors

As an independent contractor, consultant or freelancer, it can be tiresome to always be on the search for the next project. Not knowing if your next project will be for two months or two years can be stressful. Thankfully, in this day and age there are various methods of finding projects online.

  • Onsiter is a free marketing platform that let’s potential clients find and contact you.
  • Our one click application process makes applying to projects a breeze.


Free profile in two minutes

With Onsiter, you get a free profile which will make you visible to all the companies looking to hire both now and in the future. When they post projects, they set both start date and potential end date, which means that you can look ahead and even apply for projects while still working on your current one.


Let your next project find you

As something unique, Onsiter is an open platform, which means that clients can see all contractor profiles before even signing up. If they find your profile interesting, they can sign up and reach out to you directly. They can also post their job and invite you to apply for it.


Control your visibility

So by simply creating your profile on Onsiter, you make yourself visible and approachable for your potential next project. Let the client find you by creating an extraordinary profile that stands out (tip: include a profile picture, and you’re already ahead of the game) so the customer gets a sense of who you are. Don’t like being flooded with requests while on assignment? Then make your profile hidden, and make it visible when you are open to new opportunities again.


Applying for projects

When you find the perfect project for you, you simply apply for it and a message is automatically sent to the customer. He then reviews your profile and application and if he also thinks that you’re a great match, he reaches out to you to get the details sorted.


Contract and payment

When you’re ready to sign the contract, one is drafted automatically by Onsiter. Then, there’s nothing left to do except signing it and start collaborating on that project! You keep track of your hours in a timesheet on the platform, the customer confirms it at the end of each month, and when it’s payday, Onsiter facilitates the finances between you. For this service, we take the lowest possible commission of 5%, which is already agreed upon before signing the contract so you know how much you’re getting and the customer knows how much they pay.

This is key to maintaining both our contractors and customers happy in the long run, and that’s what matters to us!

Should you still have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via or call us at +46 76 402 40 94.