Software Developer Caguas, Puerto Rico

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Software Developer

Caguas, Puerto Rico

Nativo English, Spanish, Principiante French

  • Javascript frameworks: React, Angular, Remix, and Meteor
  • C#, SQL, Mucrosoft Azure
  • 2+ years of experience

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Digital Marketing



Google Analytics





React Native

Google Could Functions







.NET Core




Hello there,

I'm Kevin, a software developer with a passion for practical solutions and a commitment to reliability. My goal is simple: to be the kind of employee you can depend on. I believe in the power of honesty, hard work, continuous learning, and finding joy in what I do.

What I Bring to the Table:

Reliability: I understand the importance of being a dependable team member. My commitment is to deliver results consistently and meet deadlines with a strong sense of responsibility.

Practical Solutions: I thrive on finding practical and effective solutions to real-world problems. My approach to software development is rooted in simplicity and efficiency, focusing on what truly matters.

Continuous Learning: In the dynamic world of technology, learning is a lifelong journey. I am dedicated to staying updated with the latest trends and technologies to enhance my skills and contribute effectively to any project.

Work Ethic: I value hard work and believe in putting in the effort required to achieve success. My work ethic is centered around dedication, perseverance, and a genuine passion for creating quality software.

Enjoying the Journey: While I take my work seriously, I also believe in creating a positive and enjoyable work environment. A good sense of humor, collaborative spirit, and the ability to appreciate the journey are essential aspects of my professional approach.


Let's Connect:

If you're looking for a reliable and practical software developer who values honesty, hard work, continuous learning, and a good time, let's connect. I'm excited about the opportunity to contribute to meaningful projects and be a valuable part of your team.


Thank you for considering me!

Experiencia profesional

Junior Software Developer
Nonesuch LLC

2021-10 - Presente

I develop features, test, and fix bugs for a company to facilitate the users experience with the app.
Front-end Developer

2022-02 - Presente

I create front end features of a webapp in the Angular framework for the continuous development of the platform this company uses to sell high-end customizable curtains.
Volunteer Content Creator
American Cancer Society of Puerto Rico

2019-05 - 2021-05

San Juan, PR May 2019 - May 2021 Content Creator I'm a volunteer content creator for the American Cancer Society of Puerto Rico's Facebook and Instagram page. I design and write interactive posts to keep the community active and motivated, along with informative posts about early detection and cancer prevention.
Digital Marketing Director
Teatro Público

2019-12 - 2021-05

I implemented digital marketing and SEO strategies to sell out a series of workshops and reach the #1 search in Google. I also strategized and created content for their social media pages, designed the marketing research, and monitored the website's analytics.
Actor, writer
Jóvenes del 98

2014-11 - 2018-01

I worked in a collective theater group that performed community and professional plays with low-income communities. This group also gives theatrical workshops in collective theatre to said communities in Puerto Rico and New York.
Pal Teatro Inc

2016-08 - 2017-09

content creator I wrote two seasons for a 10-episode comedy show series composed of 88 comedy skits presented in a theatrical show titled: "De Repente: un Comedy show."
Youth leader

2011-08 - 2013-12

I organized and hosted spiritual retreats for high school students with troubled backgrounds, leading them to make peace with their friends, family, inner conflicts, and relationship with God.

Formación académica

Bachelor's degree in Communications
Universidad del Sagrado Corazón

2024-03 - 2020-05

Bachelor's in Arts
Universidad de Puerto Rico

2024-03 - 2017-05

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