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(Updated 2020-07-01)

Programador Web/Product Owner

Barcelona, Spain

Native Spanish, Fluent English,

  • +20 años programación web
  • Experiencia como Product Owner/SCRUM Master
  • Experiencia liderando equipos

Habilidades (29)






Software Engineering





Product Management



Visual Basic













.NET 2.0




Software Developer, with experience leading teams and products, looking for opportunities that are not 100% coding. After being a programmer for more than 20 years, I am trying to make a transition to a position where coding is not my main responsibility.

Remote positions preferred. Relocation is not an option.

Experiencia profesional


2018-08 - Presente

Valencia Area, Spain

Side Project! Creating the product of your dreams! Follow us on Instagram to see the progress. We've already produced a couple of usable prototypes. Now
we're dealing with logistics and negotiating with providers. You know how it

Senior Frontend Developer

2020-03 - Presente

Valencia Area, Spain

Developing two top products!

- Swish App (Basketball): https://www.nbn23.com/en/swish/
- Social Distance: https://soocialdistance.technology/

Technology Consultant

2017-01 - 2020-03

London - Valencia - Barcelona

Product Management, Web Development, quick product prototyping, e-
commerce sites, and other software projects. From time to time, I also do tech
recruitment! Send me your candidates and I'll help you validate their skills.

Development Customers:
- Rooster Money (React/Node)
- K2 Partnering Solutions (Sitecore/CSS/jQuery)
- LambdaLoopers (WordPress/SASS/JS)
- BCN Marketing (WordPress/JS/CSS)
Consulting Customers:
- Flexxible IT (Product Owner)
- Scale Capacity - Los Angeles, US (Project Manager Associate)

Main technologies:
- Javascript (and frameworks around it, specially React)
- WordPress themes & customization
- NodeJS, Meteor, IBM node-red for IoT projects

Technical recruitment:
- How many times an awesome candidate is lost because the wrong person
was in charge of the screening process? You can't put a busy developer to do
HR tasks, and if you do, you must pick someone who's got people skills, good
communication, empathy and emotional intelligence. I have 20 years in the
field, and I am old enough to detect bullshit when I see it. But I also believe in people and I am willing to put the time and effort and give your candidates a fair chance.

Other stuff I do mostly for fun, but it does influence my work in the web & marketing industry:
- Content creation
- Video production

Flexxible IT®

Freelance Product Owner
Flexxible IT

2019-07 - 2019-12

Barcelona Area, Spain

Apps2Digital Product Owner (external, freelancer)

Sitecore/SXA Front-end Developer

2018-10 - 2019-03

Barcelona Area, Spain

Developing SXA themes for Sitecore projects. Remote, international team.

Senior Software Developer (Contractor)
julio de 2017 - julio de 2018 (1 año 1 mes)
London, United Kingdom
Developer at UK based startup - Working remotely from Spain.

React, Backbone, Cordova, Node.js

Technical Project/Product Manager

2016-07 - 2017-01

Barcelona y alrededores, España

Agile Technical Manager with extensive development experience.

At Blended, we build solutions and experiences for our clients that expand
their businesses. Those experiences bring together and unite web, mobile and wearable platforms. We are able to melt our technological expertise around
JavaScript technologies with a unique blend of Experience Design that focuses on user behaviour and real user needs.

Senior Front-end Developer

2015-12 - 2016-07

Barcelona y alrededores, España

Senior Front-End Developer at Bynder - online Brand Portal and Digital Asset
Management solution.

Founded in 2010, Bynder is the leading branding automation solution and powers over 300 brands worldwide, including KLM Royal Dutch Airlines,
Logitech and AkzoNobel. Bynder has offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam,
London, Boston and Barcelona and is currently active in over 50 countries.

Senior Frontend Engineer
Code d'Azur

2015-07 - 2015-11

I create beautiful websites using Backbone + Chaplin and Laravel, plus all the HTML5 & CSS3 magic.

Software Engineer Team Lead

2012-11 - 2015-06

Front-End Developer. Desarrollo del Front-End de páginas creadas con Adobe
CQ5, siguiendo los estándares y normas de accesibilidad más actuales.
Nota para recruiters: No estoy interesado en trabajar con AEM/CQ otra vez.

Front-End & Mobile Developer
Altran España

2012-04 - 2012-11

Rich Internet Apps Design & Development, Front-End and Server Side. Mobile
Apps & Usability Consultant.

Senior Technical Consultant & Enterprise 2.0

2011-06 - 2012-02

I helped creating their new Intranet and Customer Portals. I was also part of the team that put together the Employee Portal. Tasks developed included
creating usability & design proposals, supervising outsourcing providers,
testing & validating functional requirements.
As a side project, I made a Social Media Strategy draft for the company.

Technologies: Oracle Products

Proyectos de tecnología

2010-07 - 2011-05

Product Engineer / Product Manager
Oasys Soft

2008-09 - 2010-07

Product Manager: http://www.ebdsoft.tv

SOFTENG, The Internet development Company

2007-11 - 2008-09

Desarrollo de interfaz gráfica de innovador CMS. Javascript, .Net 2.0,
Controles Telerik

Presence Technology
Solutions Developer
2007 - 2007 (menos de un año)
My role was to integrate the company's products into the existing customers'
infrastructure and custom User Interfaces. (.Net, PHP, VB, JavaScript)

Technologies: MS .Net (C#), jQuery, PHP (to extend Sugar CRM), MySQL,
SQL Server, Oracle

Web Developer
Prous Science

2006-06 - 2006-11

Web Development, Webcasting (events and conventions recording, editing, publishing)

UI Specialist, Usability Consultant, E-Commerce & Web Development
Softwrap Ltd

2005-11 - 2006-05

User Interface designer & customizer, web development, e-commerce
business intelligence, web payment gateways (paypal, visa, Cerisign certificates, Deutsche Telekom). Working with customers such Sega, Yahoo!
Brasil, Norton, Ahead Software, T-Mobile.

Systems Analyst
Surfpin Ltd

2005-03 - 2005-11

Systems Analyst & Web Developer

Desarrollo web & Analista programador

2000-01 - 2005-03

Durante este periodo trabajé en varias empresas, entre Valencia y Barcelona.
Mis funciones fueron muy distintas, abarcando un abanico muy amplio que
me proporcionó una visión global de la industria, y experiencia suficiente para iniciar mi especialización. Entre las tecnologías que usé y llegué a dominar,
destaco: VB6, ASP y PHP en mis inicios. Primero como parte de equipos pero con tendencia a desarrollar de forma independiente soluciones completas.
Con la llegada de .Net, me especialicé en esta plataforma de desarrollo,
compaginándola con PHP en proyectos freelance. Además, he realizado
trabajos de fotografía y diseño gráfico (retoque de imágenes, modelado 3D, flyers, catálogos y revistas). Solicitar CV para información más detallada.

Formación académica


1994-01 - 1997-01


Agile Project Management
Transitioning from Waterfall to Agile
Project Management
Agile at Work: Building Your Agile
SCRUM Master

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