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Product & Project Manager

Stockholm, Sweden

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  • Awarded as one of the worlds 30 top experts within his field
  • 25 years of experience
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With 25 years of experience, my background as a manager within many different companies and a growth mindset, as well as innovation and future looking strategist makes sure that I can deliver what you are looking for within this role. With my extensive experience I will deliver outside of expectations that will prove valuable for you as an organization.

I am not only a consultant but also an award winning public speaker on business growth which is one more skill that ensure that you have a leader that are great at communicating. On the side I also like to write books, and I have become a best selling author and mentor. Basically I love what I work with and would love to work with you and your team!

Experiencia profesional

Board member

2018-12 - Presente

Part of the board of directors at Jensen Education IPKS.
To make sure that Jensen Education's education programs align with and have a competitive edge with the current and future requirements in the real work-life for their students.
Expert advisor
Gerson Lehrman Group

2019-05 - Presente

Working with Gerson Lehrman Group as an expert council member to advise organizations on growth and strategies to increase their market share and to make sure they think with a more agile prioritization model.
Product director in charge of the product Store Lens
H&M SaaS Company where I

2021-01 - Presente

align the organization around a common goal by defining the current state and future vision. Driven commercial success through digital growth, improve customer understanding, clear view of the problem scope, and make client presentations as well as investor presentations.
Product Manager
Volvo Cars

2022-04 - 2022-08

To work on transforming Volvo into a new generation car company, with a focus on enabling a new business model, new way of looking at the product and how to make the offer more accessible for the consumer. Responsible for the Product Catalog and the library with all resources required to be the single source of truth. Building a solution that will challenge the industry and meet consumers' future expectations.
Senior Technical Product Manager
The future of how we sell cars

2021-04 - 2022-07

at Volvo Cars. Working on transforming Volvo into the next generation car company with focus on enabling a new business model. New strategies and way of looking at the product and how to make the offer more accessible for the consumer. Responsible for the Product Catalog and the library with all resources required to be the single source of truth. Building a solution that will challenge the industry and meet consumers' future expectations.
Configuration engine
manager and cross-platform strategist
Technical Product

2021-06 - 2022-05

at PlotEye.
Driving a team of mobile engineers, backend developers and UX experts with the vision to build a data driven growth focused engineering team.
Multi level split testing, team driven product success metrics and quality management.
Automated testing and real user test groups to compare the strategy in our technical platform with real life usage.
We built this strategy to focus on developer productivity, and with user empathy we are obsessively focusing on their needs.
Build smart, efficient, scalable and testdriven validated with data.
Senior Technical Product Manager
Volvo Cars

2021-04 - 2022-04

for the configuration engine, product catalog, PIM and API's, which in combination with the rules engine and the product catalog define to build a product offered to the market.
We are transforming how cars are built from a software perspective; taking Volvo from being a Car manufacturer to a software-driven functions and features, rather than traditional automotive attributes.
Product rules engine and data logics
Senior Technical Product Manager
Volvo Cars

2022-01 - 2022-04

building the new generation of car rules engine incorporating advanced rule and data logics engine.
Cluster framing to prepare the organization for future expectations and currently unknown customer journeys and intuitive data driven growth funnels. The new innovative rules engine is the base for any product offered for sale. Resulting in billions of possible combinations that can not be predefined due to the emcee amount of data and resources needed to pre-build any and all combinations.
Strategic payment and conversion optimization
Research and Senior Product Manager for defining how

2021-04 - 2021-10

Readly can improve conversion by meeting consumers payment and checkout expectations on local markets. My role was to gather research and narrow out how we could build a solution around their over all goals and put the consumer in center to create a data-driven conversion optimization targeting payment solutions.
Securing the future for investment products
Group Senior Product Manager and design the future

2021-05 - 2021-10

for Nord Fondkomission by looking at the many parts of the organization to identify opportunities and bottlenecks. Transform them into strategic goals and drive the product initiative to modernize the investment offers. Coach and strengthen teams while driving the transformation and navigate complex organizational challenges.
App that disrupt the housing market
Senior Product Manager

2021-04 - 2021-09

driving the innovation and future proofing of Qliro defining vision and roadmap. Make sure that the new approach to empower the ecommerce market by offering innovative yet simple to use products could be achieved in the project time and within budget. This was achieved by understanding the merchant's needs and consumers expectations; executed by creating an agile growth plan. Workshops, studies, and market leading methods combined to a solid multilevel product offer.
Product expansion
Payment industry research

2021-06 - 2021-08

Payment Product optimization with payment industry research study for Qliro. Defined opportunities and strategy to reach a broader market and compete with competitors in the most efficient way. Looking at all e-commerce payment platforms and systems in the region. The result is a market study and decision matrix for management to decide on the way forward.
The future of payment methods
Product Director
Spotify company

2021-01 - 2021-06

My role was optimize growth by eliminating bottlenecks. By understanding the many pillars of the organization and their capacity. Delivered an agile growth plan based on data driven decisions connected to the capacity at hand and the high expectations.
Product Director
Business Analyst

2020-10 - 2021-04

Responsible for mapping out Dustin's active initiative, product offerings, and growth challenges within these areas. Expectations have grown, and the solutions are not aligning with expectations. I made sure we could work based on expectations at great speed, with minimal pressure on current delivery. Map out bottlenecks and challenges in order to design a strategy to transform the entire organization into a 100% circular, environmentally friendly business.
Product director
French TV

2020-05 - 2020-11

Development of the new French TV news channel #C You using smart distribution strategies and a combination of platforms to design for viral growth. The platform is built as a video streaming and written news platform with viewer interaction and opinion research tools. My role was also to influence and share insight on how to make the best use of the large team based in multiple European countries.
Product owner and growth strategist

2020-01 - 2020-08

Product owner with the responsibility to define, own and drive product vision, strategy and metrics for the new innovative industrial production sourcing tool Mechonaut. With automation systems and RFQ processing with a large number of purchasers and manufacturers. Developed for all ISO standards in the production industry and with a focus on European growth.
Product owner of credit assessment

2018-01 - 2019-01

Product owner, accountable lead and Agile Coach for two teams inside Klarna.
Responsible for building the new credit assessment and issuing system used for the Klarna Credit Card. On the fly updates to the Klarna ERP for flow control.
Cross company collaboration to build a system that will replace the entire credit transaction engine for all Klarna products, including risk and fraud identification.
Product owner of customer identification

2018-04 - 2019-01

Product owner of the identification team responsible for all types of company and consumer identification systems used in all markets where Klarna operates with an OKR like leadership method.
Product director PIM
Lizer Group

2013-10 - 2018-07

Agile development of the Stockholm and Silicon Valley-based startup Lizer Group from the ground up where we gathered huge amounts of product information data using AI and machine learning to provide the right decision base material for purchasers and assortment managers. Monthly workshops to find new growth factors and speed improvements to meet customer expectations before they express the need.
This big data PIM was built to automate and systematically create ease of use and a new level of UX for the people in the industry.
Omnichannel Senior Product Manager

2017-05 - 2018-03

3 wanted to develop and transition from their current e-commerce and retail model to an Omni strategy to increase customer interaction and customer satisfaction, resulting in increased sales.
The work as a Senior Product Manager involved building up the team, recruiting and onboarding new team members, and to build and implement processes.
Management consultant

2017-01 - 2017-04

Investigation with the aim to identify the major problems in the online segment throughout the 3 organizations. Workshops and agile development.
Present solutions to the executive board with the identified challenges and solutions of how to improve market position and sales and become a front player in the market.
Focus on the data points that can be used to visualize the proof of the current situation and its pain points to the board of Tre.
Senior Product Manager of Hybris initiative

2016-07 - 2016-12

assigned me the responsibility to build and implement a new HYBRIS e-commerce platform. The project delivers a platform that will scale in multiple markets, with local adaptations.
Business-critical projects to position itself as the strongest player in the market.
The team was based in three countries, interacting with multiple internal units
Senior Technical Product Manager
Secure IT

2015-10 - 2016-07

environments and replaced all IT systems throughout the itrim organization as a senior technical product manager, procurement manager for both technical solutions. RFI and RFP process before any contract could be signed with an outsourcing partner and strategic improvements to streamline IT delivery
Product Expansion

2014-11 - 2015-01

Operations Expansion of Spotify for Business (Soundtrack Your Brand) to facilitate the global growth initiative. Responsible for team planning and cross-company collaboration, building processes, and the operations strategy.
Senior global online growth manager
H&M wanted

2014-06 - 2014-10

to expand its online sales to multiple countries and the support functions needed large expansions to meet the increased demand where I was leading the growth initiative for 12 countries for Infra, Dev, and Operations with teams in multiple countries and deliveries in all 12 countries. Agile development and education about agile methodologies and workshops.
Further details about my 25 years of experience can be found in my LinkedIn profile:


Professional public speaker
ISO certified speaker
Harvard educated professional communication as a speaker

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