Desarrollador de software full stack Copán, Honduras

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(Actualizado 2024-02-22.)

Desarrollador de software full stack

Copán, Honduras

Principiante English, Spanish

  • +5 años de experiencia en desarrollo de software
  • +3 años de experiencia en Java, Spring y MySQL
  • +5 años de experiencia en .Net, C#, SQL Server

Habilidades (36)







SQL Server

Database Development







Visual Basic








Go (Golang)







Ext JS








Results-driven and highly skilled Software Developer with over 5 years of experience in the industry.
Adept at developing robust and scalable back-end solutions, I possess a strong proficiency in Java, C#,
Golang, JavaScript, and SQL. My expertise extends to various technologies, including .Net, MVC, Rest
API, Node.js, React, and Docker.

My development approach is marked by a perfect blend of creativity, logical thinking, and mathematical
prowess, allowing me to excel in problem-solving scenarios. While I am a full-stack developer, my
strengths lie in back-end development, where I have consistently delivered efficient and highperformance

A collaborative team player, I thrive in dynamic environments that foster innovation and cooperation. I
bring a proactive attitude to team projects, contributing not only my technical skills but also my ability to
communicate effectively and work harmoniously with diverse teams.

Experiencia profesional

Senior Software Developer
ODEF Financiera

2021-11 - 2023-12

Summary: Spearheaded enhancements to the internal web platform, optimizing user experience and system efficiency ● Led the development of new applications, contributing to the expansion and modernization of the institution's digital portfolio ● Reduced the process time of uploading, updating and reporting uploads a 50% ● Optimized the reciprocal guarantees process a 90% ● Integrated external services seamlessly by consuming RESTful APIs, enhancing the institution's system capabilities ● Collaborated with database administrators to optimize SQL Server and DB2 database performance ● Applied expertise in C#, SQL Server, DB2, MVC 5, Git, and Azure to drive successful project implementations Techstack: C#, JavaScript, SQL Server, DB2 Additional skills: JQuery, Ajax, Azure, HTML, MVC 5, Git, .Net Framework, Rest API
Software Developer
Axxis Systems

2023-05 - 2023-10

Summary: Provided dedicated maintenance and support for diverse products delivered to clients, ensuring seamless functionality and client satisfaction ● Responded promptly to tickets, addressing issues ranging from bug fixes to feature enhancements ● Conducted in-depth debugging of code to identify and resolve issues efficiently, minimizing downtime at 75% ● Turned some inefficient Linq queries into efficient queries, reducing some calculations and big reports generation time 90% ● Developed improvements to existing products, enhancing overall performance and user experience ● Documented source code comprehensively, contributing to the creation of a robust knowledge base for the team Techstack: C#, JavaScript, SQL Server Additional skills: JQuery, Ajax, Ext JS, HTML, MVC 5, BitBucket, Jira, Git, Scrum, .Net Framework, Rest API
Java developer
San Services

2021-08 - 2022-12

Summary: Developed efficient and scalable Rest API microservices in Golang, contributing to the architecture of high-performance systems ● Executed successful migration initiatives, transitioning codebases from Java to Golang and Python to Golang for improved efficiency and maintainability ● Spearheaded the development of a dedicated microservice for a photography website, enabling photographers to seamlessly upload and share their work with clients, improving 10x times the time of response between clients and photographers ● Provided ongoing support and maintenance for existing Golang and Java microservices, ensuring continuous reliability and optimal performance ● Actively participated in collaborative development practices, including code reviews, knowledge-sharing, and team discussions ● Maintained detailed documentation for codebases and processes, contributing to a robust knowledge repository Techstack: Java, Go (Golang), Python, MySQL Additional skills: Docker, Redis, SQLite, Jira, Splunk, Swagger, WSL, GitHub, Scrum, Rest API
Software developer
Funeraria La Gloria de Dios

2021-01 - 2021-05

Summary: Developed a comprehensive point of sale system from scratch, streamlining the selling and credit management processes ● Led the successful implementation of the system at a regional level through the deployment of cloud-based database services and system updates.
● Achieved a significant 90% reduction in the process of recording cash and credit sales, optimizing operational efficiency.
● Improved the credit and collection management process by replacing manual methods with digital solutions, significantly reducing time and errors.
● Worked independently to develop technological solutions that enhanced the efficiency and accuracy of internal operations.
● Collaborated closely with the Funeraria La Gloria de Dios team to understand specific needs and ensure a successful implementation of the system.
Techstack: C#, SQL Server Additional skills: Azure, .Net Framework, GitHub
Analyst Programmer
Cooperativa ELGA

2018-11 - 2020-12

Summary: Provided dedicated support and maintenance for existing software, ensuring continuous functionality and resolving issues promptly ● Developed improvements to enhance the efficiency a 75%, and user experience of existing applications, contributing to their long-term sustainability ● Spearheaded the development of new projects, including Enterprise Payroll System, Insurance Programs Manager, Web Applications for Process Optimization ● Maintained code repositories using SVN (Subversion), ensuring version control and collaborative development practices ● Conducted regular code reviews, debugging, and troubleshooting to maintain high code quality and adherence to best practices Techstack: Visual Basic, C#, JavaScript, SQL Anywhere, PHP Additional skills: JQuery, Ajax, HTML, Scrum, SVN, .Net Framework STACK & SKILLS Development: C#, Java, JavaScript, Go (Golang), PHP, Visual Basic Databases: MySQL, MS SQL Server, DB2, SQL Anywhere, Oracle DevOps: Azure, Docker.
Sysadmin: Windows Server, Linux (Debian) CI/CD: GitHub Actions Team: Scrum

Formación académica

BSE Informatics Engineering
CEUTEC (Laureate International Universities)

2013-01 - 2018-11

AS System development
CEUTEC (Laureate International Universities)

2013-01 - 2016-06


EF SET English Certificate 82/100 (C2 Proficient)


Certified .NET Engineer


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