Updated: 2022-06-09

Migration of company accounting from Excel file to Holded

Valencia, Spain

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  • Engelsk, Spansk
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I am a Co-Founder at a Valencian startup. We incorporated the company in December 2021 and since then all accounting has been done using Excel.


However, I now want to migrate all our accounting to Holded and ensure that all historical months are captured and fully reconciled.


I am a chartered accountant so I have a finance background, but I lack the time to undertake this task myself. I have also never used Holded so I would like someone to help set it up in the best way for our business.


I speak Spanish but I would prefer to work in English for more technical queries.


I would like to start this project ASAP.


Un abrazo!


Område Valencia, Spain
Arbejdsbyrde 20 Timer / Uge , Delvist remote
Forventet startdato Hurtigst muligt
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Nødvendige sprog Engelsk, Spansk
Nødvendige kvalifikationer HOLDED

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