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Software udvikler

København, Denmark

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  • Debugging legacy applications
  • Javascript
  • 8+ års erfaring med .Net

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2018-01 - 2020-01

Software developer

TEXT SECTION At Symmetric i've been working both parttime and the last 5 months i've been
working as a fulltime consultant.

As a key developer at symmetric i've helped their organization get their products
production ready and also helped architect parts of the solutions.

Recently i've been working on a CV-management system for their client at
Kammeradvokaten. This is to help their laywers and other staff members keep the official website up to date in regards to their skills and services they offer.

We also build a administration module, that allowed translators and admins to approve changes/translate to other languages before they were visible on the site.

The system integrates with Umbraco.

Furthermore i've been working on maintaining and developing new features for
'Tidlig opsporing', which is a tool created by Symmetric and sold to 15 different
municipalities around Denmark. Its main purpose is to detect changes in the weak and elderly in order to (before it's too late) get them timely help.

I've spend a great amount of time integration with KMD Nexus.

I got to work with Azure a lot, as this is where their databases and servers are

Main technologies:

AngularJs, Javascript, MSSQL,, .Net, Web api, oath, AD federation/openid,
Azure, Git, NUnit
Freelance - Software developer

2018-09 - 2019-10

At Keylane i've was working on their insurance and pension software solutions, which today is activly used by 10+ banks.

It is a legacy solution and have been worked on for many years and hundreds of developers.
My tasks were mainly creating new functionality, but also maintanance and fixing
bugs. I was also choosen for a performance taskforce, and we managed to improve the tools performance massivly.

I was regularly in charge of deployments.

At Keylane there was a great focus on the quality of the work delivered, mainly by
extensive codereview and a skilled test team. But also by making sure we follow
clean code guidelines and Solid principles.

Main technologies:

Net (C#),, Web api 2, JavaScript, React, Git, Kanban, Jira, NUnit, Jenkins,
MSSQL, dot Trace.
Freelance - Senior Software developer
Ansible Sydney

2018-07 - 2018-09

After enjoying life some more and seeing New Zealand and more of the Australian
East Coast. Ansible decided to contact me for another opportunity.

Again this was for their Sitecore client, Heritage bank, .

Main tasks involved:

Creating Rich UIs for their new Loan Calculators
Creating WebApis
Saving data onto the Sitecore User, in order for them to show personalized
conten based on their inputs in these calculators.
Change requests across the site
Custom Solr Implementations for searching datasources in Sitecore
Freelance - Senior Software developer
Ansible Brisbane

2017-10 - 2018-03

I quit my job to go travel the world, and decided to do some freelance work to fund my further travels. This is where i met Ansible.

They were looking for an experienced Sitecore developer to help implement a
whole new sitecore solution for Heritage Bank. They were on a short deadline and as they had not previously had any Sitecore Clients, I came in and helped steer
them in the right direction so that we could reach the deadline.

Main tasks involved:

Frontend work,
Creating the sitecore foundation
Integrating with Solr
Sitecore Analytics
Requirement Gathering

This has resulted in a very happy customer @
Sitecore developer
Solutions A/S

2015-02 - 2017-06

Was a core developer for a few clients during my time in Alpha-solutions. And it is where i learned the ins and outs of Sitecore.

Main tasks involved

Implementing new features when requested by client
Maintaining legacy code
Estimating issues
Requirement Gathering

Worked for clients such as;

Georg Jensen,
As a certified InRiver developer (PIM) during a new Site implementation of Georg
Jensen, I was in charge of integrating Georg Jensen with InRiver. I created The
Inbound and Outbound connectors so that they could easily import, enrich and export their products to all the necessary channels.

Nic. Christiansen Gruppen:
Was involved impementing new sites from scratch, Done numerous third party

There was a lot of ongoing maintenance/change requests to be done on the sites.
Done a lot of custom Sitecore extensions. Including, but not limited to: Analytics,
WebForms for Marketers, Custom SolR integrations, Facets.

All the scandinavian (.dk, .se, .no) versions of:


Was involved in optimizing all of their sites for the comming christmas rush,
mainly frontend work., se. no, .fi

Toys R' Us,
Fætter Br
Copenhagen Business Academy

2011-09 - 2013-02

On my 2nd semester until my 4th semester, I was working as a tutor for the new
1st Semester Computer Science Students.

I also did private tutoring for the ones who needed extra attention.

Akademisk baggrund

Bachelor in Software
Copenhagen Business Academy

2013-09 - 2015-02

Copenhagen Business Academy
Copenhagen Business Academy

2011-02 - 2013-06

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