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Cloud Solution Engineer


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  • Cloud migrations
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Amazon Web Services

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Kiran is a Cloud Solution Engineer with excellent knowledge of designing, building and operating solutions in AWS Cloud. Kiran has experience in on-prem Windows and SQL server installations and configurations, configuring internal network appliances and edge devices to migrating customers' solutions to AWS. Kiran is good at communicating in non-specialists' terms. He has former experience with supporting customers, mentoring employees, and writing technical documentation contact.

Professionel erfaring

Cloud Solution Engineer and Consultant
Aety ApS

2022-04 - Nuværende

Review and implement security enforcements on costumer environments in AWS cloud, monitor through Guard rails in AWS Control Tower

Create test and demo environments in AWS cloud using ECS, automated through CI/CD (Bitbucket Pipelines)

Planning and executing migration of workloads from legacy AWS organization to Org managed by AWS Control Tower

Technologies used:

AWS WAF, EC2, ECS, RDS, networking (subnet creation, routing tables, security groups, etc), AWS IAM, SSO

Technical Specialist
Prophix Software

2016-10 - 2022-01

Cloud operations:

Creating Production environments in AWS for customers which consists of working with services such as EC2, RDS, VPC, Cloud Formation, S3, Systems Manager, Cloud Watch

Creating OAT environments in AWS for operational acceptance testing which consists of EC2 and RDS instances

Creating UAT environments in AWS specifically for our partners to conduct Prophix application training which consists of working with additional services such as Route 53, WAF, Security Hub, IAM, Guard Duty

Monitoring Production, Demo and POC operations which consists of working with services such as Data Dog, Pager Duty, AWS Cloud Watch

Migrating and implementing customers solutions from on-premises solutions to AWS.

Responsible for implementing and validating Change Requests for Production, OAT, UAT/Demo accounts.

Good hands-on experience with AWS services: RDS, S3, EFS, VPC, Cloudfront, Systems Manager, Cloudformation, CloudWatch, EventBridge, Route53, AWS Backup, Lambda and SNS

Good hands-on experience with database technologies such as: Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Analysis Services, SQL Integration Services, MySQL and PostgreSQL

Good hands-on experience with Linux OS systems such as: AWS-Linux, Ubuntu, CentOS and Debian

Good understanding and hands-on experience with container orchestration services such as ECS and Fargate

Good understanding of CI/CD methodology

Application support:

Assisting customer with troubleshooting Prophix application related as well as Windows Server oriented issues

Performing application installation/upgrades on-prem as well as installation and upgrades of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 - 2019

Performing internal application testing and reporting incorrect functionality to Product Development

Good hands-on experience with VMWare ESXi and Hyper V

Good hands-on experience with Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Analysis Services and SQL Integration Services

Writing technical documentation and manuals

Internal IT Support:

Trained and mentored employees on customer service protocols and Zendesk ticketing system

Responsible for managing internal IT infrastructure consisting of Forti Gate UTM appliance, Forti AP (Access Points) and Cisco UCS C220 M5 Rack Server

Technologies and methodologies used:

Wide array of AWS services and technologies, including, but not limited to EC2, RDS, VPC, ECS, Fargate, CloudFormation, AWS networking, Systems manager, S3, Route53, IAM, Security Hub, Cloudwatch, Lambda, SNS, EventBridge, CodeBuild, CodeCommit, Linux, Windows server, SQL Server, DataDog

CI/CD tooling, Cloud migration of workloads, ITSM processes

Web Administrator
Den Sorte Gryde

2012-07 - 2021-06

Monitoring online orders, communicating with customers through mail, regular scheduled maintenance of computers, responsible for regular modification and update of the restaurant's website
IT Supporter (internship)

2016-01 - 2016-06

During my intern I was responsible helping the company migrate their internal IT infrastructure consisting mainly of Domain Controller, Exchange Servers, and File Servers to Amazon • Web Services.
• I had worked building solutions in AWS working with services such as EC2, VPC, CloudWatch, Amazon Glacier and Route 53.
IT Supporter (internship)

2012-06 - 2014-04

Unix: design and implement logical-physical network, Linux Centos client- server environment, Apache, scripting of Iptables and squid, samba server, server cloning, proxy setup and configuration, shell programming • Windows: Server 2003 -2012 implementation and configuration, RRAS, DFS, WDS configuration, Print server, Backup, Active Directory domain management, GPO, IIS, FTP, DHCP, DNS configurations. L2TP. IPsec VPN configurations.
Network: CCNA, Cisco Router 1840 and switch 2950, 2960 switches, CLI programming, routing protocols RIP, EIGRP, OSPF, Inter-VLAN, NAT, ACL, VLANs configurations, VTP, STP, Telnet/SSH commands, ASA firewall

Akademisk baggrund

Information Technology
Academy Profession School of Design & Technology

2013-09 - 2016-06


Amazon Web Services SysOps Administrator - Associate


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