Sr Software Developer Neptunia Departamento de Canelones, Uruguay

Available ASAP

(Updated 2024-02-26)

Sr Software Developer

Neptunia Departamento de Canelones, Uruguay

Native Spanish, Fluent English

  • Java backend and movile developer
  • Highly adaptable, learn new technologies as needed
  • 4+ years C++ development experience

Skills (38)

















Device Driver



Device Drivers











Visual Basic








Professional Experience

Senior Remote, Software2023Developer- Engineer
Dualboot Partners

2024-04 - Present

Staff augmentation, Delivery Services Provider -, Participating in the definition and development of integrations with external vendors, cus-Marketplace Integration TeamUS Client - tomization, feature implementation, and bug-fixing.
(Scala, Kotlin, Micronaut, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Docker, Git, JavaScript) Deploying to production and lower environments, monitoring correct behavior.
- (Jenkins, Docker, GitHub Actions, Grafana) Offering support to the.
- Market Operations Team Senior Remote Software(part-time), Developer2022Engineer- at Agtium2023Corp Oct Sep • Led the migration of React Native Android applications to Kotlin for custom Android devices, improving performance and adhering to best practices.
(Kotlin, Hilt, Room, MQTT, Retrofit, OkHttp, Moshi, Git)
Senior Remote
US Client

2021-01 - 2023-01

Software2021Developer- Engineer2023 at BairesDev Nov Mar • Staff augmentation, Background Screening Services Provider, 2021 - 2023 US Client Nov Contributed to the migration of a desktop solution to the web. Feb - (Kotlin, Spring Boot,

2023-01 - 2023-01

on Git, Java, Angular, SQL, and AWS during the bench period. Mar - (Git, Java, Angular, SQL, AWS)
Senior Remote

2021-01 - 2021-01

2021 Led a small team in developing a toy calendar project to enhance skills during the benchJan Feb - period.
• Staff augmentation, Global Provider of Electronic Payments Solutions, (Java, Spring Boot, Jacoco, SonarQube)2021 - 2021 Contributed to the customization, features implementation, and bug-fixing of payment de-Mar Jun - vices software.
(C/C++, Python, Git) Implemented an messages parser to enhance QA productivity for the Endava QA - team. ISO8583 • Staff augmentation, Health Care Services Provider - Integration Team ((Python)),
US Client

2021-01 - 2021-01

Jun Contributed to the development of software integration with external vendors. Oct - (Java, Spring Boot, JUnit5, Mockito, Kafka) Senior Montevideo, SoftwareUruguay, DeveloperEngineer2019 -atHipcam2020 Feb May • Joined the group, contributing to the development and continuous improvement of firmware for Hipcam. Cameras • Led the re-implementation of the remote firmware update system, enhancing reliability and re- (Java, Kotlin, C/C++, Git) covery options.
• Managed Jenkins Server for custom firmware builds, ensuring seamless collaboration across(Java, Kotlin, C/C++, Git) teams.
(Jenkins, Docker)
Software Montevideo, DeveloperUruguay, Engineer2018at Verifone

2018-01 - 2018-01

May Nov • Contributed to the group, developing the management system for Verifone's internal customers.
Web • Developed automated tests for the management system and managed virtual machine images(Java/JEE, PrimeFaces, Git) for testing.
(Java/JEE, Docker, Selenium)
Java Montevideo, Software Uruguay, Developerat Scanntech2014

2018-01 - 2018-01

Aug Apr • Contributed to the iPOS Android project, enhancing application logic, managing electronic payments, and developing new device drivers.
• Played a key role in the Scann+ project, designing a generic parser for fiscal printers used in(Java, SQLite, SVN, Git) Brazil. Reduced development time by • Collaborated in developing microservices for monetary transactions with REST interfaces.70%(Java, Git) • Developed software for the (Python, Django, PostgreSQL, Git)pinpad.
MPOS PAX D200 (C/C++, CMake, libcurl, c-ares, Mbed • Integrated EMV transactions for the TLS, Git) pinpad.
Pax S300 (C, Java, Git) Senior Montevideo, Support Uruguay, Technicianfor 2013Servers- and2014Networking at Infoland Nov Jul • Provided technical support to customers and internal team members.
• Contributed to the assembly, installation, and maintenance of networks, servers, and personal(Windows Server, Linux) computers.
(Windows Server, Linux) C++ Havana, SoftwareCuba, Developer2011at- Segurmatica2013 • Key contributor to the Segurmatica Antivirus engine team, pioneering research and developmentMar Jun of heuristic methods for malware detection. Successfully integrated these methods into Segurmatica Antivirus, achieving a consistent 5% detection rate on malware samples.
(C++, Python, • Lead Author of MSSQL, Git) presented at XV Convention and International Computer Fair 2013. Highlighted the"Addition of Heuristics Based on the Structure of the PE Files to Segurmatica Antivirus, " methodology and tools utilized to enhance Segurmatica Antivirus detection capabilities through heuristic methods.
• Contributed to the development of tools automating the processing of malware samples.
(C#, Git) Software Havana, Cuba, Developer and 2008IT -Specialist2011at Tourism Real Estate Company • Developed centralized software for critical decision-making in real estate maintenance. OctFeb (Delphi, • Contributed to Linux and Windows server administration, and MSSQL Server management.MSSQL, Mercurial) (Ubuntu, Debian, Windows Server, MSSQL) Instructor Havana, Cuba, at YouthClubs2006 of -Computing2008and Electronics • Instructed entry-level software development in Oct Sep and Delphi Visual Basic (Delphi, Visual • Conducted user-level training in Basic), , and MS Windows MS Access MS Excel Contract Remote, Developer2006at -Tanggo2006Software • Designed and implemented Jun Sep, software for recipes management and custom menu printing. Tanggo Gestione Gastronomica (Delphi, MS Access)
Scientist Havana, Cuba, Internat Center2004of-Radiation2006Protection and Hygiene
Cafe Master

2005-01 - 2005-01

Contract Havana, Cuba, Developerat2005Freelance- 2005 • Developed May, software for stock management and sales recording for a small coffeeAug shop. Cafe Master (Delphi, MS Access) Scientist Havana, Cuba, Internat Center2004of-Radiation2006Protection and Hygiene • Completed thesis on software for dose estimation and potential effects on the embryo/fetus dueSepSep to maternal medical exposure.
• Joined the Research and Development Division post-graduation, contributing to various projects(Delphi, MS Access) in medical physics, evaluation, and internal contamination dose estimation.
(Delphi, MS • Taught radio diagnostic and internal contamination subjects to students of the Access) . Higher Institute of Technologies and Applied Sciences

Academic Background

Nuclear and Energy TechnologiesJul
Higher Institute of Technologies

2024-02 - 2004-01

Vocational Pre-University Institute of Exact Sciences V
Vocational Pre-University Institute of Exact Sciences V

2024-02 - 1998-01

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