Senior Test Automation Consultant Helsinki, Suomi

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(Updated 2023-12-04)

Senior Test Automation Consultant

Helsinki, Suomi

Native Finnish, Fluent English, Intermediate Svenska

  • 9 years of experience in Test Automation development
  • 10 years of experience in Software Development
  • 2 years of intensive DevOps consultation

Skills (25)

Test Automation Architectures

Robot Framework

Continuous Integration


Pharmaceutical Research


Patient Monitoring





Test Automation Training














Professional Experience

Senior Test Automation Consultant, Partner
Omoroi Oy

2022-03 - Present

Senior Developer
Customer Project for Oy LM Ericsson AB

2023-08 - Present

Senior Developer role with a test automation focus on a team that developed CI/CD monitoring solution for a Kubernetes based telecom product. The work included automated test and deployment pipelines for the solution implemented fully Infrastructure as Code (IaC). The solution will help the customer to manage the performance and cost-efficiency of their in-house Kubernetes cluster resources and to further optimize their development process and workflow. Key technologies used in the project: Kubernetes, Grafana, Prometheus, Docker, Helm, Bash, Jenkins, Groovy
DevOps Specialist
Ericsson AB

2022-03 - 2023-07

DevOps Specialist role in a Telecom Company project improving the development process tools for a cloud native product. Planning and developing phases followed by roll-out to end-user teams. A multinational team based on multiple time zones.
Key technologies used in the project: Ansible, Docker, Bazel, Buildfarm, Jenkins
Test Automation Specialist
Signant Health

2020-08 - 2022-02

Test automation specialist in a software product company in a highly regulated domain. The software product is used in pharmaceutical research. Tasks included developing system and integration level test automation for web and mobile products, as well as REST APIs. Received positive feedback about her active participation in epic and user story refinements.
Key technologies: Robot Framework, Python, Dart, Appium, Git, Bitbucket
Software Automation Specialist
Siili Solutions Plc

2018-01 - 2020-08

Roles in customer projects varied from test automation developer to server-side python software developer.
Industry domains included finance, insurance, and streaming media service. The projects followed scrum or other agile methodologies in different business domains. She mostly developed test automation for web and desktop applications, as well as REST APIs. She also worked as a Robot Framework trainer and took part in our tribe's open-source contributions. Technologies used in Siili projects: Robot Framework, Python, C#, Selenium, Git, Jenkins pipelines, Groovy, Ansible
Test Automation Specialist
Omenia Ltd

2017-03 - 2017-12

Worked as a test automation specialist in a centralized test automation service team maintaining common test automation resources and providing guidance to development teams. Key technologies: Robot Framework, Python, Selenium, SQL
Verification Engineer
GE Healthcare Finland Ltd

2014-07 - 2017-03

Performed both manual and automated testing in patient monitoring software projects. Contributed to inhouse test automation libraries and configured the continuous integration system for test runs. In these roles worked closely with both software engineers and clinical specialists. Technologies utilized include Robot Framework, Python, Selenium, Jenkins, C++
Software Engineer Trainer
GE Healthcare Finland Ltd

2013-06 - 2014-07

Worked as a summer trainee on improving the unit test coverage for a patient monitoring software. The work part-time after summer.

Academic Background

Bachelor of Science
Aalto University School of Science and Technology

2023-12 - 2013-01

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