Senior Agile Consultant Aarhus, Denmark

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(Updated 2024-05-30)

Senior Agile Consultant

Aarhus, Denmark

Native Danish, English

  • Full-stack Agile Coach
  • 18+ years of experience with Agile
  • Have worked with some of the most renowned organizations in Denmark

Skills (19)

Scrum Master

Team Topologies

Product Owner

Cultural change

Agile transformation

Agile Fluency Model

Agile Leadership

Scrum training

Workshop facilitation

Agile coaching


Product Management

Evidence Based Management (EBM)

Lean/Agile program management

Professional coaching

DevOps Research and Assessment

Product organization

Bureaucratic Mass Index

Objectives and Key Results (OKR)


Tom has over 18 years of experience with Agile and can teach and coach at all levels of an organization. Tom's strength lies in deeper organizational changes that lead to less bureaucracy and more aligned value creation in a reality challenged by unpredictability. Additionally, Tom is strong in product organization/leadership and is technically proficient enough to include the DevOps agenda in transformations.


Tom offers, among other things:

- Planning and execution of de-bureaucratizing, Agile transformations, including leadership sparring and reorganization

- General training in Agile, Scrum, Kanban, and Product Leadership for individuals, teams, and leadership groups

- Specific training of Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Agile Coaches, and Agile leaders

- Handling Agile roles and responsibilities within the organization, e.g., Scrum Master, Product Owner, Agile Coach, or leadership positions

- Facilitation of workshops, off-sites, and retreats in strategy, improvement initiatives, and product development

Professional Experience

Senior Agile Consultant

2024-05 - Present

  • Strengthens Aety's presence in Western Denmark
  • Expands Aety's offering of Agile products and services
Agile Coach // Product Developer

2018-02 - 2024-04

The LEGO Group

  • Developed and delivered basic and advanced training in Agile ways-of-working targeted at all of Product Marketing Development (PMD)
  • Provided Agile coaching to teams and leaders in Global End-User Support (GEUS)
  • Participated in the Agile transformation team in Business Technologies and Engagement Technology & Analytics (BT and ET&A)


  • Provided leadership sparring on Agile transformation to Bestseller IT
  • Provided leadership sparring and Agile coaching to Technical Engineering Services
  • Trained and coached Product Owners and Scrum Masters


  • Coached and facilitated a Technical Mastery guild
  • Coached and facilitated a Quality Assurance guild
  • Provided leadership sparring on the organizational placement of a new product team


  • Developed and introduced Lean/Agile scaling practices for managing the largest IT program in the organization
  • Participated in the Agile transformation team covering Information Solutions, Digital & Customer Excellence, and Product Information Management

FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies

  • Coached Product Owners and leaders in Agile ways-of-working
  • Trained and coached teams to be cross-functional and minimize dependencies
  • Improved flow by challenging limiting beliefs in a culture characterized by a highly regulated industry


  • Participated in the Agile transformation team
  • Trained and coached the leadership group in transitioning to a product organization
  • Trained and coached Product Owners


  • Delivered Agile training and facilitated bottom-up planning of the ongoing transformation at STARK IT’s annual off-site
  • Coached leaders in Agile organization and ways-of-working
  • Developed STARK IT’s Culture Code at the intersection of the organization's existing strategy and its Agile ambitions
Agile Coach

2016-04 - 2018-01

Product Owner of Agile Transformation

  • Investigated and prioritized the organization's needs through an Agile perspective
  • Collaborated with the central transformation team to ensure progress in the organization's ongoing Agile journey

Agile Transformation Coach

  • Participated in the joint effort to start 100 Scrum teams (including SM, PO, and team courses, followed by six weeks of coaching for each team)
  • Established and facilitated a physical overview and coordination room for management, focusing on developing and operating the entire organization
Product Owner
Unity Studios

2011-05 - 2016-03

  • Conducted product leadership for a range of digital, innovative products
  • Promoted the Agile transformation within the organization alongside a Scrum Master
Instructor at the Army NCO School
Danish Defence

2009-04 - 2011-04

  • Taught sergeant and officer cadets in areas such as personal leadership, teaching, and instructional techniques
Project Coordinator
Eurocom Entertainment Software

2007-10 - 2009-03

  • Supported a production team in applying Agile methods inspired by Scrum to develop and release a high-end video game for PlayStation
Platoon Commander in the Army
Danish Defence

1998-02 - 1999-11

  • Trained and led a platoon of 20 enlisted soldiers and non-commissioned officers

Academic Background

Games Producer
Aalborg University/DADIU

2005-09 - 2007-06

B.Sc. Business Informatics
Aarhus School of Business

2001-09 - 2005-06


GROW2-certified coach (ICF Level 1)


Certified Scrum Professional (CSP-PO)


Certified Agile Leadership (CAL-1)


Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO)


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