Expert UX'er, Designer & Developer København, Denmark

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(Updated 2024-05-13)

Expert UX'er, Designer & Developer

København, Denmark

Native Danish, English, Beginner Italian

  • 25+ years of experience in webdesign and development
  • Expert skills in base technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and more)
  • Expert Developer & Talented Creative Designer

Skills (23)

Web Design


Web Performance





Responsive Design


Adobe XD

Wordpress Development



Frontend Development


Backend Development





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Hi Onsiters! I am Jeppe Risum from Denmark. Proud owner of my company webGenius. 
I have a versatile skill set spanning Digital Marketing, Creative Web Design, Web Development, E-commerce, UX, Branding, and WordPress expertise. 
What sets me apart from most in the business, is that I am both creative and technical. This means I can on one hand create beautiful creative designs, and on the other hand, perform technical state of the art, high performing development, build on a solid mastery of the fundamental web technologies of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This also entails that I can adapt effectively to most projects in UX, design and development.
My approach is centered on building bespoke websites from the ground up, each tailored to my customers' unique requirements. This approach may involve a higher initial cost, but it reduces the likelihood of errors and ensures much easier long-term maintenance, resulting in a much more cost-effective solution. I create a digital presence that combines aesthetics and functionality. With my deep understanding of the core technologies that drive the web and apps, I can adapt to most scenarios with a very short learning curve.

Check my webpage ( for more info and to discover a selection of my work.

Professional Experience

Web & Creative Manager

2017-09 - 2020-10

Chief responsible for all outgoing visual communication. Web (development, content, and marketing), print, video and more, are areas I have been highly involved in so far. The bulk of my work is centered around the corporate website and digital marketing. Here I have made everything from UX, Design, Backend and Frontend development. I am also the head responsible for maintaining the corporate style guide, and with that in hand, ensuring that all visual communication from the company has a tight red line, and that the brand signals the right message, to the right people.

Business Owner and IT Consultant
webGenius Aps (

2017-09 - Present

In 2017 I decided that it was time to start my own company and started webGenius. This is an IT consultancy, where I offer my services for either single projects or contract-based work. Since the beginning, I have been fortunate to have a broad palette of clients, which include projects with complete websites, app design and frontend, UX design (with low-fi and high-fi wireframes, and complete finished design prototypes) and more. On my company website,, I have showcased a selection of this work.

Senior Frontend Developer

2014-09 - 2016-11

Worked in the company with Design, UX, Frontend Development, Project Management, UX and Design. Among other projects and duties, I was responsible for the frontend and a part of the UX on and

Senior Creative Lead
Erik Bagger Furniture Denmark

2016-11 - 2017-06

Chief responsible for all outgoing visual communication. Web (development, content, and marketing), print, video, interior decoration and more, are areas I was involved in. One of my main responsibilities was to ensure that all visual communication from the company was communicating the right message, to the right people.

Web Concept – Design and Development
Soho Office Hotel Copenhagen

2012-01 - 2012-07

New HTML-based website to ‘Soho Kontorhotel’ (which translates in to ‘Soho Officehotel’). Their old site was developed entirely in Flash and therefore was flashy, but not really useful. As a part of the design and development of this product, I developed a database-driven page – with PHP and MySQL, which displays information about the office hotel residents.

Chief Creative Officer (CCO)
Sunny Rentals and Vacasol

2013-06 - 2014-09

My main responsibility was to make sure, that all the visual communication and user interaction of the company’s products is clear, user-friendly and consistent. As a part of this duty, I had a seat in the marketing team, as the head responsible for the creative team, which was responsible for the production of all outgoing communication, in the various marketing campaigns. This was both online, print, outdoor, radio and television. Tasks: Art Direction, Optimization of User Experience, Usability, Interaction Design, UX, Frontend Development, Web design, Layout/DTP

Concept and web developer
Nice Rejs Aps

2012-12 - 2014-05

Was involved in the start-up of a new travel agency for young people, called Nice Rejs. The owners hoped that they could manage to get a little season up and running in 2013. I worked for them, during their start-up, including the development of product, concept, marketing and all graphical, internet-oriented activities (web development and digital marketing) and textual communications.

Teacher of Basic Web design
IT University of Copenhagen

2001-02 - 2004-06

Teaching of both graduate students and students from ‘Open Education’ (students – usually older people – which participate in the course, because they either pay for it themselves or their employer pays, because they want the employee to be more proficient in web design), in developing fully implementable websites. Here it was not only technical but also aesthetic considerations that were in the focus. In addition, it was also my responsibility to evaluate the students’ various assignments.

Freelance Web Designer and Concept Developer

1999-01 - Present

Have owned a computer since the web was invented, and over the years I have gained much knowledge of its many possible applications. From the very start I have been especially interested in its graphic communication abilities, and at one point I thus started to make commissioned work in website design. At first it was for friends, later for companies and corporations. The projects have, among other disciplines, also involved a lot of online marketing, SEO and usability. I mainly do web projects in Wordpress/Woocommerce Now and then I still do these kinds of project, when I can see that I have some free time available for it. It is both my work and my hobby.

Co-owner of Travel Agency
Uptours Aps

2024-05 - 2010-12

This company offered exclusive holidays, for the Danish high school youth, during the six week long main summer vacation. My main responsibilities were administration, leadership, marketing, product manager, IT and HR responsible. The latter consisted in recruiting, training, coaching and training, and this for both guide staff and sales staff. As the product responsible I also handled the quality assurance. All the way from the start, we had a politically correct product, with a strong focus on a high level of security for our guests on their holiday, and a high level of moral responsibility.

Web Development and Digital Design Consultant
Danish Acting Association

2023-02 - 2023-08

In 2023 I had a three months contract for Danish Acting Association. This involved the migration of two existings websites to a new platform. These sites included advanced features and in-page apps, such as room booking, handling of royalties, event/course handling, user role control, and advanced integration with Microsoft Dynamics and Power Automate.

Academic Background

Master of IT – Design, Communication and Media
IT-University of Copenhagen

2000-09 - 2004-06

Bachelor in Humanistic Information, with subsidiary subject in multimedia
Ålborg University

1996-09 - 1999-06

Supplementary Program ‘Multimedia’
University of Århus

1998-09 - 1999-06

Technical Scientific Basic Education
Ålborg University

1994-09 - 1995-06

Humanistic Informatics
Ålborg University

1996-09 - 1998-06

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