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Business developer

Viken, Sverige

Native Svenska, English, Intermediate French, Beginner Danish, Norwegian, Spanish

  • 10+ years in business and customer analytics
  • 10+ years in project and change management
  • 10+ years in digital marketing

Skills (29)

Strategic planning









Data Analysis

Project Management



Change Management





Six Sigma












I have more than 20 years experience of marketing, strategy and analytics and front level activities in service and FMCG companies on BTC and BTB markets. Experiences are based on strategic and operative work in organizations as internal, business consultant, researcher and lecturer. Lately I have moved towards business model, service innovation and development of "digital maturity" in organizations.

Experiences relevant to position

* Extensive experiences identifying, analyzing and using insights of customer needs, market, industry and network, competitor and PESTEL analysis.
* "Fluent" in multivariate quantitative data analysis for customer segmentation and modeling: factor, cluster, structural equation modeling, multiple regression, free text analysis etc.
* Good understanding of attribution modeling for optimizing investments in touchpoints resulting in conversion.
* Good understanding of predictive modeling of web behaviors predicting conversions.
* "Fluent" in descriptive and inferential statistics and analysis of market and customer based KPI:s
* Extensive experiences of multiple qualitative methods: observations, focus groups, expert interviews etc.
* Experiences in both customer journey, "jobs" and internal process mapping.
* "Fluent" in scenario, forecasting and backcasting methodology
Process development
* "Fluent" in "Outcome Based Innovation" theory and methodology identifying "jobs to be done", "job statements", painpoints" etc, to drive more successful innovation, customer acceptance, competitiveness and profitable growth.
* Good knowledge of process development programs like Six Sigma and Lean
* Process mapping of internal value chain, capabilities and development of strategic options in relation to growth ambitions and risk exposure/assimilation for complex BTB project delivery, Siemens Energy.
* Process development of Strategic Insights, customer journeys, service delivery, internal administration
* Experience of design sprints, prototyping, small scale experiments and early customer validation, scale up and market launches, and SAFe framework
Marketing communication
* Developing brand repositioning strategy for global retailer
* Developing digital campaigns for Under Armour, Galatea, Burlöv centrum, Myresjöhus, Destination Hallandsås
* Project management and planner experiences from advertising agency - off and online media
* Developing digital services for advertising agencies
* Developing digital marketing content for media products, education and research
* Teaching marketing communication, consumer behavior, CRM, digital marketing on university level
Team management
* Coaching and supporting C-level management in strategic BU and marketing choices
* Project management of both specialized and mixed creative, analytical and administrative teams
Change facilitation
* Strategic planning, multiple markets for global retailer
* Development of market and customer based balanced scorecards
* Managing employee dialogue supporting change management for national retail bank
* System development, support and employee training to support of digitalization of administration and accounting routines in coalition with accounting, finance and IT for market leading grocery retailer
* Executive education supporting change management and digital transformation
* Process and capability mapping/development and strategy development for global producer of energy solutions
Business consulting
* Different contexts; global, multicultural organizations, national organization and SME
* Several industries; retail (BTC and BTB), energy, retail banking, finance and insurance, FMCG * Identify, analyze, develop and capitalize on possibilities in a fast moving environment to generate value creation to customers, internal stakeholders and alliance partners.
* Transform market and technology based resources and competencies to state of the art products and services, value creating customer processes, journeys, relations, strong brands and profitable customer base.
* Develop "digital mature" organizations to manage innovation, decision and change processes, improving and developing new business models
* Improve individuals and groups results by continuous development of management and employees.

Professional Experience

Business Developer HRV
Group Sweden AB

2014-08 - 2014-08

* Business consulting for Siemens Energy, Länsförsäkringar, AMF, Blå Stjärnan * "Digital in-Store Experience"; digital solution for physical retailers to integrate pre-shopping webrooming with in-store digital shopping and showrooming to create a seamless and convenient shopping experience. Status: * Mystery Shopper Fashion Retailing concluded * Mystery Shopper webrooming/in-store IKEA concluded * Market Research; market potentials, technology, solutions and competitors concluded * Peer reviewed article * First prototype testing concluded * Development of beta test of first function e-commerce/physical store and business case in progress * Financing and support; Lund Innovation * "MyHouse"; digital platform supporting private house and apartment management, while connecting external actors (finance/insurance, retail, builders etc). Status: * Customer and partner needs verified * Specification of back end system developed * Data sourcing and integration verified * Front end mock-up developed * Financing for building back end system (wip) * Financing and support; Lund Innovation, ALMI Väst * Course Leader, Making Your Business Digital, EFL, Lund * Competence development of researchers and lecturers in digital marketing, School of Economics and Management, University of Lund * Development of digital content for MOOC courses in Digital Transformation/Marketing on EdX and Coursera platforms for Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm.
* Business development, business score-card development and certification of a health care service. New rules for certification made us withdraw from this project.
1407 Independent Marketing Consultant
Galatea AB

2005-07 - 2005-07

Some examples: * Development of a digital/mobile communication global strategy to consumers for Under Armour in cooperation with Delivr.
* Development of a digital/mobile communication strategy to consumers on the Swedish market integrated with print media, SP and action marketing for three global beer brands (Galatea AB).
* Evaluating potentials for a new BU focusing on mobile marketing for retail chains and brand suppliers (Röjning & Co).
* Participating in development and testing of new mobile marketing tools for retailers and supplier brands.
* Key Account Management for "Kupongfabriken," a mobile service for retail chains and shopping malls.
* Initiating and starting mobile marketing research at the University of Halmstad: Mobile marketing: A literature review on its value for consumers and retailers, H@P, Health at Play, a development project for Good Cred/Jayway (Steve Jennings & Mattias Ask) financed by Hälsoteknikcentrum, Halland * Research and development of new digital educational products for business and university markets in cooperation with and financed by Liber AB * Research and development of new services to increase retail chains profitability on existing customer loyalty programs for Bring Dialogue AB * Strategic analysis and marketing planning on six markets, Yves Rocher Suède AB * Development of customer tracking/dialogue program (Yves Rocher Suède AB) * Development of organizational change program from a process and balanced scorecard perspective (Yves Rocher Suède AB) * Development of a brand equity scorecard (Yves Rocher Suède AB) * Business development and business and marketing planning for a new, ecological and local slaughterhouse together with local farmers (Bjäre Kött)
0506 Part Time Independent Marketing Consultant

2001-05 - 2001-05

* Development of a new international value based brand / repositioning of existing brand for internationalization partly based on a social media strategy, a Swedish Brewer.
* Working as a planner, strategy consultant and project leader with Klot Reklambyrå, Båstad * Seminars and work-shops, Purchasing and KAM in cooperation with Proteko, Borås.
0007 Business Consultant

1997-02 - 1997-02

Gothenburg. Basically working with the Postbanken project, a co-operation between Nordbanken (Nordea) and the Swedish Post. We managed within four years to go from zero to 500 000 private customers with high profitability by focusing on distinct company and service brands, simplification of assortment, service products and communications, distinct and explicit customer processes and relations, and finally by educating and motivating employees on every level in the distribution channel.
9304 Project Manager
ICA Specialvaror AB

1992-08 - 1992-08

Gothenburg. Responsible for analysis, development and implementation of marketing research and various marketing activities aimed at retailers and consumers in close co-operation with sales, marketing, retail development, purchasing and advertising agencies etc during a period of rapid organizational change.
9108 Administrator and Project Manager
ICA Specialvaror AB

1990-06 - 1990-06

Gothenburg. Responsible for several administrative duties related to a merchant owned purchasing organization combined with project/change management during implementation of new ERP and development of new administrative programs and processes.
Teaching experiences University School of Economics and Management, University of Lund University of Halmstad University of Borås Higher Vocational Education Stockholms Internationella Handelsskola Akademi Båstad / University of Halmstad Proteko, Borås/ University of Borås High School Procivitas, Helsingborg & Malmö Jensen Education, Helsingborg & Lund Thorengruppen, Helsingborg Cybergymnasiet, Malmö

Academic Background

Handelshögskolan, Gothenburg

2024-03 - 2024-03

Natural Science Program, Olympiaskolan
Natural Science Program, Olympiaskolan

2024-03 - 2024-03

Halmstad University

2023-11 - 2004-01

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