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(Updated 2020-07-29)

Project, Product & Change Management

Barcelona, Spanien

Native Danish, Fluent Swedish, Norwegian, English,

  • Extensive experience within Stakeholder & Client Management
  • Experience in management of remote teams
  • 10+ years of experience with IT Projects

Skills (20)






Business Analysis






Change Management

Risk Management


Product Management






Professional Experience

Boss, Bookkeeper & Butler

2020-05 - Present

y Bundgaard

Project & product manager & Head

2016-01 - 2018-01

of department developing a new online
marketing tool with focus on data & AI and a keep-it-simple strategy.
• People management & recruitment
• Project management
• Product management - development & strategy
• Solution & design
• Data & API review & analysis
Target Groups: Real Estate (DK & the US)
Project team: on location (Barcelona) & remote (UK, ES, DK, Vietnam)

Freelance Consultant

2018-01 - 2018-01

• Business
• Projects
• Changes
Project examples: Communities & content, Information security, (IT) Project
Management, software implementation, Start-up support
Target Groups: Creatures & companies worldwide

Management Consultant
EY Nordic Advisory

2014-01 - 2016-01

Competency Areas:
• Process optimisation/Business analysis
• Usability, design & navigation
• Change management
• Project management & PMO
• Bid management
• Data tracking & analysis

• Event planning and execution
• Change office (part of PMO) in a large outsourcing programme
• Competency assessment as a part of an IT Operations review
08004 Barcelona bundgaard.t@gmail.com

• Product & process analysis, requirements specification and usability (HR
Salary & Benefits system + internal security procedures & documentation
• Cyber security - process analysis + behaviour assessment & implementation of new procedures & mind-sets
Markets & Sectors:
• Public sector - Defence, Municipalities, Directorates
• Finance & Insurance

Project Manager

2014-01 - 2014-01

New tool for property managers to support mobility in quality check of
houses in the moving process. Web application to be used via tablets to facilitate an easier and faster process, and to reduce the load of paperwork.
• Project management
• Product management
• Requirements & processes
• Communication & Change management
• Stakeholder management and user involvement
• Training - planning and execution
• Software & user tests
• Management of external suppliers
• Business measurements and follow-up
• Technical & process documentation
• Development of the company's internal project manager role and toolbox.
• Development of the company's internal processes regarding project and product lifecycle.
Target groups: Employees in KAB, top-level management, clients and external
partners & suppliers (social housing)
Project team: On location + suppliers (remote/on location)


2013-01 - 2013-01

2013 Responsible for managing and implementing a 2020 strategy with 10 key areas
for organisation development, sustainability and social responsibility for a housing association.
• Project, product and change management
• Event management
• Fundraising
• Training & support (implementation, workshops, communication etc.)
• Communication (branding & communication strategies, internal/external
guidelines, business procedures, user manuals, standard presentation
material, website development and social media)
• Facilitation of workshops and info-meetings
08004 Barcelona bundgaard.t@gmail.com

• Follow-up and presentations at organisation board level
• Advising and training of organisation board towards a more strategic
focus and working methods
Project examples: Sustainable buildings, urban gardening, resident democracy,
energy saving, solar cells, online tools & info, on- & offline communities
Target group: KAB employees (property managers, consultants, project managers, specialists), Copenhagen Municipality, residents, external partners and the organisation board.

Internal consultant
Danske Bank

2008-01 - 2012-01

Projects; New Group-wide systems - development & implementation.
Communication and change management specialist + responsible for product
design, business analysis, requirements and processes.
• Change management, training & implementation (on location & remote)
• Management of change management, training & communication team
(based in Denmark and India)
• Stakeholder Management
• Product design, requirements & alignments (with clients in 12 countries)
• Process analysis and development)
• Business analysis and business cases
• Business & product measurements
• Internal events
• QA and cost/benefit
Target group: All employees in the Danske Bank Group + external users. A
wide range of stakeholders in 12 countries.
Project team: 3 different locations (Copenhagen, Aarhus and Bangalore).
08004 Barcelona bundgaard.t@gmail.com

Project Manager
ePocket Solutions

2012-01 - 2012-01

Responsible for implementation of the company's Danish projects.
• Project management
• Implementation and product alignment @clients (changes & configs.)
• Change management
• Stakeholder Management & requirements for Product Development
• Business analysis & business cases
• Process analysis & process optimisation
• Training & support (on location & remote)
• Development of the company's internal project management toolbox
• Development of the project manager role & department in cooperation
with project managers from Norway and Sweden.
Target group: Large and medium enterprises (industrial service & facility management sector)
Project team: Remote (on location when needed) - Sweden & Norway

Freelance consultant (Aarhus)

2007-01 - 2008-01

within communication, change management, organisation development,
conflict management, management communication, follow-up and evaluation
reports, qualitative analysis, usability and website strategy

Marketing Assistant, Internetfirmaet (Ikast)

2008-01 - 2008-01

Communication, user manuals, usability, product sheets, cases etc.

PR & communication assistant, Dermalogica Denmark (Aarhus)

2006-01 - 2007-01

Communication, newsletters, advertisements, organisation development,
contact to customers and partners, events and management (responsible for a team of 20 people).

Academic Background

MSc in IT
Vest & Institute of Information and Media Studies, University of Aarhus

2003-01 - 2006-01

Bachelor's degree in Scandinavian Language and Literature
University of Aarhus

1999-01 - 2003-01

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